1. JackBaits

    Hello, I am back! Got some questions.

    Pretty sure no one remembers me as who would, but I am back and have some questions in regards to LC: I bought LC back in 2017 and had an awesome time with it. Not only did it improve my skills, but it helped me win more as well (I went from ~5-10% HS Ratio to 38% legit on my main thanks to LC...
  2. L

    Lc "review"

    So not really as elaborate as a review but my experience with leaguecheats! I have used other cheats than lc, free to ask if you want to know which ones. Why I'm writing this review is pretty much to give back to jimster and staff for their great effort. Fyi I have been using LC a long time and...
  3. K


    Hello guys, is this faceit anticheat client proof? best regards
  4. spopovich92

    My 1st month review

    Hey everybody, here is my 1 month LC review , enjoy reading :D SETUP : Well, this is the " hardest " point with LC , since it's not plug & play, but after spending some hours on the wiki, forum and asking for some help ( thx @FD^GoD , @n0body and @ROME99 ) I think i'm pretty good now AIMBOT...
  5. jazzo

    Team Secret Juliano

    i'm pretty sure she's using LC or a Jimster private with that sexy smooth aim :D 10/10 im not even fucking trolling i'm watching Selfess vs Secret Female League and omg she's on the gear boys :D
  6. J


    eac is running without risk of ban ? You can use esp ?
  7. H

    Reguarding the client

    Will the client effect the performance on my computer, and is it somewhat safe to use in competitive mode? Thanks, HunterPro.