1. Kin


  2. VAULT1909

    potential cevo ban.

    So i played an MM with the cevo client open and LC injected, will cevo care?
  3. knox.ini

    ACE on Faceit!

    You niggs in trouble TriHard
  4. JoeySalads

    1v5 Ace Clutch vs Shitty Cheaters

    eZ katka
  5. panzer

    Who remember this legend?

  6. H

    LeagueCheats VS OW

    Hello guys i have try hard todays 6 win and 1 lose the guys reported me every time OW Comming ( Maybe BannedXD) I give you the answer in 24 hours You think OW Ban or not?
  7. D

    Played on faceit with sweetfx..

    I forgot to delete sweetfx and just played a game. Will I get perm ban now? Edit: I played on client
  8. Hantoszi55

    New VAC system, LC Safe?

    Hi, I dont rly know what they added but what about leaguecheats? It's still fine to use it without vacation?
  9. kanske

    Wtf has happened to Prime mm

    Got to Level 21 and activated Prime, but wtf it is really cancer at Prime now it is far worse then non Prime when solo q. I played 4 games today and there was at least 4 cheaters in enemy team every game, i checked demo after. Funny thing is that they really played blatant they don't try to hide...
  10. S

    BAN ESL/faceit

    Hi, I got banned for esl and faceit (played with customer) How safe to assume a new account, probably ban on HWID
  11. U

    seeking advice and small intro

    Hello guys, I am a soon-to-be costumer of lc and I was wondering what would the best aimbot feature for me, hopefully some of you can advice me wisely. I am already a good player, i have played against semi and pro teams and i played well, i have knowledge of the game, and i play at lv10 on...
  12. Defiant

    ACE from yesterday

  13. Aaron

    Spinbot should rly refund

    Mate of mine using LC and myself both played Non Prime MM and this retardo starts spinning from the get-go. Idiot even got fucked off a legit played lmao
  14. Aqqure

    LC Easy Wins

    Gg also all these games are in lem rank
  15. Rottix

    This actually happend today..

    The same guy I helped out with his settings today played against me in a Matchmaking, what a coincidence, gg life :D @yunstar24 Image under construction xD
  16. D


    Does anyone use this with CEVO? Do the wallhacks work? Do you suggest any tips to not getting banned?