1. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats CSGO 9/23 Update

    Hey all, It's a Sunday but there is a new update out for everyone on Multi versions. The virtualkeypress has been updated (as of a few days ago) so it is now working on the new versions of CSGO, and today I released the new version of the Multicore workaround. This new version has a rework that...
  2. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Pro League Availability - Aug 30

    Hey everyone, It's my pleasure to announce the availability of Pro League with DiveDeep. Available to those who qualify (if you have put in an application, please check your posts in the application section as I will be commenting on who is approved). Our Pro League Level 1 is currently working...
  3. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats August 2018 Update

    Hey everyone, Just another update after the last few weeks. The other day the MP5 was added back into CSGO. The cheats were updated on Thursday night (my time) to support the MP5. If you haven't updated your cheat version, you probably should since the MP5 wont work in the older versions...
  4. Jimster480

    July Update, Forum, Cheats, Staff, etc

    Hey all, A lot of updates here since we haven't said anything in about 50 days now. Current Status: We are happy to announce that the LC3.0 version of the cheats (Feature set) have been a hit and the additional security has kept us safe through the couple of waves that have happened since may...
  5. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 7/6/18, Panorama Supported

    Hey all, The cheats have been fully updated for the CSGO update that dropped a couple of hours ago. In addition to the cheats themselves just being fixed, there are a number of fixes that have been implemented into this version of the cheats. - SoftAim enabled on Raw input Aiming...
  6. Virus1x

    League Cheats, February Update.

    Hello All, Holy cow it's almost February, Can you believe it? We can't either, we have been so focused on getting ready for the launch of 3.0 that time is absolutely flying. We currently have implemented some amazing changes and wanted to keep you all up-to-speed, Honestly at this point I think...
  7. T

    01.12.2018 Gamers Club Update | Private Project | 40 Slots | $400 per year | Multihack

    Hello everyone, As you might know, we are preparing to release LC 3.0, including several bypasses for FaceIT Anti-Cheat, GamersClub Anti-Cheat, Anti-Cheat, Easy Anti-Cheat, 99damage Anti-Cheat and any other EAC like Anti-Cheats. To receive access to LC 3.0, you have to must meet...
  8. Jimster480

    Happy New Years!

    Hey all, On Behalf of myself and the staff here @ LeagueCheats we wish you a heartfelt, happy and prosperous New Year! 2016 Will be a year of many exciting things, not only here @ LeagueCheats but from many different places! Here are some of the things we can expect in 2016 from LeagueCheats...
  9. Jimster480


    There is some new info available for you in the private sections!!
  10. Jimster480

    Leaguecheats Comeback!

    Hi all, As of this week LeagueCheats is making a FULL Comeback. After watching my old competitors ruin the scene and provide nothing but repeatedly detected cheats for the last couple years, I have decided that it is time for me to start actively developing cheats again. While I will still work...
  11. Admin

    League Cheats IRC

    Come idle and support! Special give-aways MAY occur at random times Server: Channel: #LeagueCheats IRC URL : irc:// Need an IRC client? Web IRC Link (for people without clients) : Get help, discuss...
  12. Admin

    Welcome to the new League Cheats

    Welcome to the new and upgraded League Cheats site. Feel free to sign up to the forum and start posting and discussing all your cheating needs. You can also drop by our IRC channel and talk with other cheat users live by clicking "chat" above. If you have an IRC client you can connect to the IRC...