1. Goofy


    I used to be a customer of Jimster480 in CS 1.6/CSS back in the day for private league builds and reached nearly the top of my country using his shit before finally getting detected. I was wondering if he still makes private league builds and if so how can I get in contact with Jimster480...
  2. mrboss

    New member,want to buy,esl

    Hi there guys. I am intrested on playing on Esportal and Faceit(client). my questions are : 1)what version ( i am a new member) should i buy of league cheats to play on esportal or face it? 2)your aimbot is legit?humanized? 3)i use only chams,you got em ? :) 4)what type of payments you...
  3. niiro

    ESL wire proof?

    Hello, some features in Multi League UD on esl wire have some game today can someone help me out? :) i gonna buy League version if its UD atm someone knows? :D greets
  4. darbak

    Bypass Esportal

    Hello. Does the Pro version of the version still support the client on esportal and did it have detections?
  5. mathinos


    Hi all, one quick question, do i need an active subscription to be able to participate in the pro league ?
  6. mathinos

    Multi-league version

    Hi all, I would like to ask you guys, is multi league version for 35$ per month have bypass to EAC? Thanks
  7. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Cyber Monday 2018

    Hey all, The time of the year is HERE for HUGE SALES! So this year in great sale fashion we will once again offer some great year-long discounts, even for some of our more exclusive products this time! CSGO Pro League Level 1 (DiveDeep) is available for those who can qualify for it. Please...
  8. J

    Cheat CS:GO

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cheats is functional in gamersclub?
  9. Resolved

    Leaguecheats Sub Giveaway

    In this giveaway both: League multi Non-League multi
  10. I

    LC Package Question

    First of all, sorry if this is a really dumb question. But what is the difference between the "league" and "non-league" options in the LC packages? For example, is the "non-league" package only for ranked matchmaking?
  11. H

    Counter-Strike1.6 EAC proof status 10/28/2018

    Hey, I want to purchase the hl1 league anti-cheat As of today October 28, 2018 is the league cheat EAC (easy anti-cheat) proof?
  12. A


    I want to cheat on esportal, but unsure of which cheat to buy to not get detected on their client. Any help appreciated, thanks :)
  13. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats September 11 Update, Competitors Closing? Reduced Pro-League Requirements? See inside!

    Hello Subscribers, With the recent successful launch of Pro-League with DiveDeep, We have decided that it was time to show why LeagueCheats is the best provider on the market. Some of you may or may not be aware that some sites on the market who competed with us are now closing their doors...
  14. Get_Right


    hi guys i need to know about 40$ gc ... any eta?
  15. D

    multi league and non league

    About to buy the cheat again because playing CS legit is boring af... but whats the difference between multi league and multi non league? Thanks :)
  16. Q

    silent inject

    hi, I was looking at the forum and could not find... I have a question whether in "non league multihack" is something like silent inject? I want use non league multi on big lan. I want to get more info about this silent inject(if you have something like that), before I buy software here. For...
  17. serginhohenrique27

    Good night!

    Good evening, I'm new to the forum and I'm going to buy the league to reach PRO LEAGUE. I will be running new forums to report my experience with the Product, thank you for understanding everyone. Have a good night!
  18. M

    Faceit AC

    Hi, Which cheat pack is good for Faceit AC ? I wanna buy it but idk which one is for this. I dont know whats server-sided or client ? Help me please, Thank you.
  19. N


    after some months, my subscription still frozen and Im still wanting to know if u r already done with gamersclub bypass?
  20. E


    I used to use the non-league version for matchmaking then i stopped playing csgo for a while, im getting back into it but ive been playing esea instead. Is the league version detected on esea, can i use all the features, esp and aimbot atleast. Is it high risk to use on esea? All answers are...