1. T

    After my first 30 days of LC.

    Tl;dr at the bottom as I know some of you won't read all of this! Hey guys hope you are all doing well, I was waiting to do this testimonial until after I had experienced what LC had to offer for atleast a month also this is going to be quite long as I want to include my back story into what...
  2. N

    First two weeks.

    Even if it's only two weeks, I feel I can give my first impressions. As a player who never cheated, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but I wanted to try, just for curiosity. I purchased, and the first day wasn't easy. I had a problem with the aimbot not working properly, so I contacted...
  3. K

    help about

    I'm interested in the $ 400 hack version, what's the first step? sorry for my English I'm brazilian
  4. G

    NVIDIA users get more FPS in-game

    Dear guys! First of all, sorry for my London, I'm not a perfect. So, I can help if someone have a weak/old NVIDIA computer, and if you have a small lags/fps drops with this LC. (of course without it) If you are interested, write here boldly, just dont forget, I can help only NVIDIA users. Have...
  5. G

    First sub best hack !!

    I must say thank you first to the support, any question no matter how many there were answered and yes, all answers have helped for aimbot I say only 1a class very legit and rly does his Job Easy aces xD, First Time with the hack starts was for me complicated and everything was new but there...
  6. pcstekje

    First month

    first of all happy new year already to the community :) Lets start, for me cheating is new i never used something on csgo playing from 1.6 already but for some reason i wanted to give this a try and you now what this is amazing ! CONFIGURATION 10/10 At the beginning this was like chinees for...
  7. DaVapor

    League or non league question

    Good morning, I'm interested in trying LC for the first time (first time for any cheat) . I've done extensive research(videos,forums) among multiple competitors and LC is what I'm probably going to go with. I'm going to setup a new steam account cause I don't want to take a chance on my 14 year...
  8. Get_Right

    LeagueCheats 2.5 Review

    Hi guys i have some time and I will use to talk about my experience with lc. First time in LC :(:confused: My first time with lc was troubled. I had many problems because I was used to using other cheats (mostly made only for mm) and for me they were much better than lc (silver thinking) with...
  9. 1

    PUBG cheat

    What you think LC make one, its tha game more played. I would be interested in buying.
  10. G

    where i find button "download"

    i cant find this help me fast !
  11. X


    How would it look loading it at a LAN?
  12. R

    How and where link my account?

    Im so nooob in this, and dont understand anything, i neeed do it before buy?
  13. SyPh

    | Video For Days | FirrN

    hello here is my fragmovie, i hope u all gonna like it :) skip this link members for staffs:)
  14. ShyMun

    How link accounts

    Hi, I just bought the cheat, and yes i know first i must link the accounts but... I don't know how i must do that... Someone can help me, please?
  15. navysonar

    Last Night Game

    Hey ! Last Night I played a game in MM and they all called cheat after some Deagle kills :p I've recorded the game using GOTV and HLAE, let me know if you see any locks from the AB ! Thanks you :D
  16. Nobody

    Legit or on the gear?

    I think on the gear :P let me know what you guys think!
  17. Aqqure

    Testing some configs

    First match 0.00 - 4.33 is Config by FD^GoD Edited from ToX's FullBot Second match 4.33 - 8.50 Config for Matchmaking by BestGollumEU, edited version from 90$ Pro Setup. Visuals used: first match key esp, second match: only visible esp for easier spotting
  18. JoobleDoobles

    3k Clutch :D

  19. T

    What's up with LC? Latest news, proofings for FaceIT,EAC and more! [UPDATED]

    Hello everyone, As you might know in the past few weeks our team were testing new bypasses for FaceIT and EAC (including similar EAC like AC's). All tests successfully passed without single ban. Okay ToX, let's get to the point when it will be released because we are waiting. We can't release it...
  20. LC1337

    3 Months with LC.

    Alright, i'm doing it, i'm writing my review :p FOR TEH AIMBOT 1000/10 XDDDDDDDD jk My starts on LC.. I was excited asf after buying LC for the first time, when I check LC I was using P7 (KappaRoss) And my first impression on LC was "Another UD since 1979 ?" But this time that was true, Seen a...