1. 0KBytes

    CSGO i bought and i cant download

    when I go where I bought it it says the license is not valid, I wanted to know why?
  2. I

    Bought cheat, where to download or link vip

    Hi, I bought 25$ wall + esp. But how can I download? Need to wait for 24h? After that, It will be sent to payment email on PayPal, right ?
  3. F

    Faceit Ac

    Hello, does anyone know what might be the problem, i created an account without playing a single match i was forced to download the client, i've never played faceit on the current hardware neither ip adress, didn't use same details of past accounts as well :/
  4. Guilford

    -3 and -1 trough the smoke. :D

  5. M

    Before I buy...

    I'd like to start off by saying hello to everyone. I have been browsing these forums for some time now and have heard a lot of positive things regarding the cheat. I do however have a few questions. My main goal if I were to purchase the cheat would be using it on FaceIt, serverside of...
  6. feasly

    Why i have to Download Ac-Client

    Hey boiis Long Time Aso i bought Sometimes new steam accs and boosted them to Level 10 or 9 ( untill i have to Download ac-Client). Most Times a had to Download the Client after 10-50games But Now i Need to Download the ac Client after the 1. Game Idk Why i Now have to Download always the...
  7. Xiuston2

    Other P2C corrupts demo/replays?

    Hello. As the title say, can other pay to cheat providers make such a cheat/hack or whatever to actualy do solely corrupting demoes? In my experience, all the time im playing against people who im 99% sure is cheating, the demo is corrupt. And ofcourse, when I do some sick shit plays, the...
  8. thegame

    Windows 7

    WIN 7 64 bit ISO download any links ?
  9. F

    If I buy the cheat from another computer , can I download it on the other?

    So I actually want to buy the cheat , but i'm buying it from another computer without downloading it..So the first computer where I'll be downloading it will be the one that I can use it on?
  10. P

    How does ur desktop backround look like?
  11. skyoi

    where i can download

    hello i buy for month a sub , but i cant see where i can download the client, thanks for every help
  12. abcdefgol

    Can the LC support 5E and B5 battle platform in china?

    Can the LC support 5E and B5 battle platform in china? 5E and B5 are CSGO battle platform in china ,just like ESEA and Face it. 5E home page: 5E platform download: B5 home page: B5 platform...
  13. Fazehaze1

    Whats going on

    Whats going on i havent hear nothin from jim or recived a email its been over a week
  14. 3n1gm4

    Need demos of LC for promotional video

    Hi, I am looking to create a promotional video for LeagueCheats, and need your demos to do this. Your player names will be swapped out with "LeagueCheats". Please send any highlights that you have and want in the video in an email with a download link to [email protected] or PM me here at...
  15. P

    download cheat?

    Hello, I'm new and I do not know where to download the cheat
  16. thegame

    WIN XP

    hello all i need to download win xp home edition ! anyone knows a good page ? and i have to boot it from a usb so i think what i need is the ISO
  17. chrisdopazo

    I have buy the cheat

  18. mm13

    Question about resubscribing.

    Just resubscribed. Will I get an email about my new subscription or should I just re-download the client and try logging in until I'm activated?
  19. B

    PRE sale questions

    Guys i have some pre sale questions ( Im buying throught paymentwall ) 1. After buying a cheat how will i recive it ? 2. How cheat will be activated for me? 3. When there will be cs update how do i update my cheat ? 4. Will i get VIP after buying a cheat ? 5. If i buy cheat where can i get legit...
  20. Jimster480

    Updater is back up

    Hey all, I restarted the build server and relinked everything. The updater is now working again. Please feel free to login and download whatever you need. Thanks for your patience!