1. Spzbl

    edits. :)

    Hey guys im new here, im willing to do edits for people who would like some (for free ofc). I've made quite nice POV edits & actual fragmovies. Just trying to make some friends at this community since im a new (and unknown person) here :)! Ill post some of my previous work here a little later. :)
  2. fmr

    Future of Frag Movies? This site got featured in 3kliksphilip’s video. I can say I am impressed. It’s still almost beta though. This could help us promote LC easier.
  3. ogdunderzubbi

    Demo Review

    How do you guys review your demos inorder to improve at the game? What kind of mindset do you use? This guy suggests to put 6 different "skill sets" and give yourself points whenever you do mistakes and that's how you find out what and how to improve. So how do you do it?
  4. cao1337

    Honesty LC 2.5 review

    Hello community! I'm happy, because I have never seen before so nice community. My review :doge: Aimbot 10/10 - Best aimbot i have ever used. This aimbot is very clear on the demos! Esp x/10 - I'm not using ESP, because i don't know how to play with it :p Triggerbot 10/10 - The best...
  5. NiikisNiik

    We Need Demos Again!

    Hey all Niik here and its that time again where I go around and collect your demos to be shown off in the next League Cheats video! This time around we would prefer all demos and clips from everyone participation in the beta 3.0! (.dem files only) But if youre not participating in the beta we...
  6. FD^GoD

    I like ACE with LC :)

    I rekted russian cheaters on first map. Rank GE my score was 40:10 :D
  7. zYamamoto

    Easy double kill on dust2

  8. 3n1gm4

    Need demos of LC for promotional video

    Hi, I am looking to create a promotional video for LeagueCheats, and need your demos to do this. Your player names will be swapped out with "LeagueCheats". Please send any highlights that you have and want in the video in an email with a download link to [email protected] or PM me here at...
  9. NiikisNiik

    Last chance!

    Hey all! Im about to start the editing for the next promo video! If you have demos you want in it! Please send them to me via PM!
  10. NiikisNiik

    Scrapped clip

    Well i had to scrap this intro clip as it was already used in an LC edit. So i figured i would at least upload what i did even if it is only 30 seconds. Please send me new demos so we can get them in the new LC edits! Please send me demos that have not been used yet!
  11. NiikisNiik

    Demos are still needed!

    DEMOS ARE STILL NEEDED! Hello! My name is Nik and I edit videos here at LeagueCheats but I need your help to do it. All I ask is that, if you wish to, send me some demos of nice clips, plays or shots you got while using LeagueCheats 2.5 by PMing me! I do get frequented with a lot of questions...
  12. albanerendk

    Redonkulous Noscope

  13. iskA


    Throw Demos, I will make to you Highlights Example of giving: Name, time on a demo
  14. forthefiat

    Frag Movie Maker

    Hey guys, I've been using LC for almost 6 months now, and I recently have been using the cheat on Faceit with NO problems. I've been tweeking my settings, finding what fits me. I currently have some demos that I want to be used to create a frag movie, there are many 3k/4k/aces, clutches and all...