1. G

    [SoStronk India 2019]

    Hello, i am currently playing on sostronk ac...i was using other p2c till today and it worked fine until 29/12/2018...There was a huge anticheat update which caused my previous p2c detection on p2c.. I was wondering if someone could check whether this cheat is currently undetected on Sostronk....
  2. H

    Counter-Strike1.6 EAC proof status 10/28/2018

    Hey, I want to purchase the hl1 league anti-cheat As of today October 28, 2018 is the league cheat EAC (easy anti-cheat) proof?
  3. J

    Safe sites to use the cheat on.

    Hey, i know this question has probably been asked a thousand times but im going to ask it again :) Which third party matchmaking sites are safe to use with the leaguecheat version currently? Can somone please explain the server side and client side difference? Thanks in advance. /Julius
  4. Xuniku

    PC .

    So my logic for cpu is , 2 cores is better for mc off , and which graphic card is good for csgo now . And explain which cpu is the best for mc off . Please and ty
  5. C

    Faceit - supported?

    Currently i want to use it on Faceit - i don't have AC installed. Will it work? thanks in advance mike
  6. Elyysian

    Comeback to LC

    Hey guys, I had a lot of stuff going on in the university and now i finished the hard stuff and can play again. I would really love to play on EAC with LC. But as far as I know its only for beta access users? I think I got the requirements for the beta since i used LC for atleast half a year and...
  7. N


    work in gamersclub with wallhacker?
  8. cornichon

    Stream with cheat

    Hello, Is the cheat stream proof with esp visual? Thank you
  9. Q


    faceit anti client und. ?
  10. Kurru

    CSGO Private Hack - Aimbot

    Hi Guys, Just purchased your LC Package and have used it in the past with no bans. However iv'e been playing this game for quite some time and am quite decent at it. I only tend to use the Aim Assistance on the cheat but i am currently looking to buy a private version, this is the only...
  11. Legend

    ESL + Faceit

    So is this hack currently undetected on ESL and faceit? im thinking to buy the CSGO Multi league hack
  12. O

    Questions about ESP and Wallhack

    Hi, I'm interested in buying the League ESP and Wallhack ONLY Cheat. I realise that the Wallhack on the non-league version works on FACEIT. However I would like to play on other platforms such as CEVO/ESL. Do visuals currently work for these platforms? Thanks
  13. J


    eac is running without risk of ban ? You can use esp ?
  14. Miniglikes


    With this cheat what anticheat i can use the hack ? EAC,ESEA,FACEIT,CEVO,etc. ?
  15. B

    CEVO safe use ?

    Hi, I am looking for a good aimbot to use on CEVO - is your cheat currently undetected and safe to use with CEVO? Also what is the setup and installation ? Thanks,
  16. HyperAim

    [LoL] Instant Recall Exploit

    Hi guys, As you probably know, there is an instant recall exploit currently (  Here's a quick AHK script I wrote to replicate it almost 100% of the time.  First, you need  Then, download the script and run it.  By default, the...
  17. L

    FaceIT ESP

    Currently in any FaceIT server/game i play in, the ESP doesn't work.  Boxes and HP appear, but it seems as if they dont update unless you actually see the player, or right next to them.