1. daniels44

    [Off-Topic] Forced to use Faceit AC 0 games?

    I have created a fresh acc on fct, never happened before, but 0 games played on fct, acc created 2min ago and its asking for use of anti cheat? 0 reports. Did faceit force everyone to use ac now or?
  2. J

    Faceit anti cheat

    Faceit anti cheat work nów?
  3. monroe1

    FACEiT Client Anti-Cheat and etc.

    Good evening, I'm so sorry for this kind of question, I know that you guys are really tired of it. However, I wanna ask something. I was a LC subscriber for 4 months (probably, idk for sure tho), but I didn't play in CSGO for a long time and obviously I didn't extend my LC subscription. So...
  4. Kin

    Future of Frag Movies? This site got featured in 3kliksphilip’s video. I can say I am impressed. It’s still almost beta though. This could help us promote LC easier.
  5. T


    I'm there I'm new to lc just wondering whats the differencebetween serversided ac on faceit and clientslide ac on faceit? I have quit playing csgo for awhile now and want to get back to playing can I still find matches on faceit without downloading the client?
  6. GEN


    Does it still support faceit (non client version) or not?
  7. S

    Overwatch [GAME]

    Does anyone know where I could sell my overwatch account? I don't even play the game and haven't touched it since I bought it.
  8. K

    Websites where can i win $$

    Hey :P Do u guys know websites where can i win $$ and where can i play with LC? Like pvpro kickback etc.
  9. panzer

    Ez faceit pleb gets a ban

  10. H

    Unban please

    hi know I acted like TOX a jerk so I want to ask if I could buy lc thank you for your answer. I mean that if I could get to unban pm thank #LOVELCANDLCSTAFF
  11. Aaron

    LC's too smooth goddamn

    Had 3 admins spectating me with 5 super 3 smooth only bone 8 and not one of them could even see I was cheating despite having 4 people rush and me HS all of them. Jesus Christ.
  12. tragubbe

    Looking for h1z1 cheat, esp or aimbot?

    Anyone know any cheat that works on h1z1? esp would be the best but really just anything that doesnt get u banned would be nice
  13. abbetappe

    How could Joe get VAC and ESL banned when this cheat should be UD on both?

    I'm going to buy LC but I got 1 question, and it's in the title. Could some1 explain? Also let's say I want to play ESEA, do I just remove the client and then download it again when I don't want to play ESEA anymore?
  14. LocalMeteorologist

    Buying old Steam accounts

    I have looked on certain sites and the prices are relatively cheap, anywhere from $5 to $10, to buy an account that is 12 years old. I was curious if there is anything that could be done to prevent the seller from stealing it back. I would just remove all the games on the account but I don't...
  15. Aaron

    Ez 128Tick

    Chilling on a random solo-queue for FaceIT, got paired with 2 griefers, one of which who left and the other sitting spawn until 3v5 or whatever and getting a lucky kill. We lost, but never got called out thanks to the smooth as hell aimbot. Mostly just an appreciation to the staff who put up...
  16. N


    I tried to sell my steam account and I sent a PM to fatan but still no answer after days... what did I do wrong? I just wanted a middleman...
  17. forthefiat

    Frag Movie Maker

    Hey guys, I've been using LC for almost 6 months now, and I recently have been using the cheat on Faceit with NO problems. I've been tweeking my settings, finding what fits me. I currently have some demos that I want to be used to create a frag movie, there are many 3k/4k/aces, clutches and all...
  18. Br0nZy

    FaceIT error .. please help?

    hello guys Whenever i try to add game 'CSGO', after " verifying information, this could take up to 60 seconds " .. then i get this error: An error occured during game registration, please contact Support if the problem persists ". I already contacted Support, i tried to use another browser...
  19. deniskaon

    Flusha cheating ? (No)

  20. camel

    non-league cheat question

    Hey, I want boost myself on faceit so my question is which ACs supporting non-league version. And can i get banned for have cheats on pc when playing esea ? (ofc not activated) And what about alt-tabbing in 4:3 ? Thanks and have a nice day ! :)