1. H

    Faceit question

    Hey boys, If I run ac on my other PC, and play with cheats on my other PC, can I still use this cheat for Faceit 5v5 queues? Thanks a lot :D
  2. Oliver

    Vac authentication error

    Hey, one of my friend got the Vac authentication error, never injected. Maybe someone have an idea? It happenned to me but after i restarted my computer the problem disapeared, not for him...
  3. Zubrdwa

    Screen freez while playing games.

    Hello. I have a problem with freez while playing. it doesnt matter I play League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, Diablo 3 etc. Every 2-4 minutes I have a freeze for 2-3 secs. Everything is freezed, I just can move my mouse cursor. It is not possible my PC is too bad. Few months ago I had i...
  4. Difardifar

    4:3 Resolution

    Hey, i just recieved my email to download and etc, but i noticed that it said, that hack works best in 1920x1080 windowed, and my shit computer cant take that :( So i was wondering, how does the hack work in 4:3 resolution? thats the only thing my computer can handle, and 1280x720. Best regards,
  5. M

    Couple of questions

    1) Can I enable this cheat without restarting my computer or anything else very noticeable? 2) I want to keep my main account (no-cheat) and second account (cheat) separated. If I'm using cheat with my second account and want to change back to my main, do I then have to restart my computer or...
  6. cutiecat

    A serious problem.

    Lmao. My life sucks ass I have not had any cheats on my computer for literally the longest time. Just now on my smurf I got game banned while playing casual, I havent play any comp for a very long time. And my main got game banned aswell even though they do not share numbers so pretty much all...
  7. Buzzsaw

    Post Your Computer Specs Here!

    This is a fun thread! Post your computer specs! Please DO NOT judge other computer builds! There will be a time and place for that! This thread is NOT for criticizing other people's computers. If you have a specific computer build that you need assistance with, PLEASE create a new thread for...
  8. anotherlegend

    Have some questions before buy in'

    Hello! I want to hear answers for that - 1) Will it work w/ out disabling multicore renendring (I doesn't need esp) 2) How huge fps drops I'll reach with disabled mc ren. (if it strongly recommend) P.S. I have i5 4690K + nvidia GTX950?
  9. X

    Whether it is possible to play with cheats on LAN?

    Можно ли играть с мошенников в локальной сети?