1. ex0dus

    LC Frags

    somehow deleted a post i just made cause im fucken retarded. I decided to *semi* finish the frag that Resolved posted the other day (i say semi cause there are a few errors in the video that i couldnt be bothered fixing) If any LC admin / moderator wants a frag movie or cinematic done send...
  2. VAULT1909

    CEVO support :|

    Wasnt sure where to post this, but im honestly not too sure atm. So, on AC status, it says CEVO and gfinity are "under maintenance", does that mean they're completely unsupported, or not completely supported? Cause I messaged jimster, and he said this: [/IMG] [/spoiler] So, if i buy LC league...
  3. panzer

    Panzer and Mitobr kickin asses on MM

    Yeah, fist time we play we kicked some asses..... @mitobr was using bot panzer nickname, cause he loves me :) ps: we are playing light ok, next time we promisse 100 points for each one and 50 kills
  4. daniels44

    Bout the Activation

    This is obviously not the first time im buying the cheat, but my question is: When I bought the cheat 2hours ago, and I put my FORUM username and login in that stuff, does it mean I dont have to wait for Activation only for VIP Sync yes?
  5. KKUkUr2017

    Pro configs page dissapear?

    Hey i am blind or i cant found anymore the page where io could pay Tox Virus and some other guys to make me a config for cheat?" Prices were 30-90$ if i remember but i cant find them anymore :/
  6. spy0x

    Trying to be close to fpl settings proj by tox :P

    Used fullbot by TOX , than modified for totally legit play. Used low FOV, high smooth + supersmooth, more bones than in a fullbot + its totally mouse1 settings (cause I cant use side buttons on my mouse) AK47 VIDEO - SMG-S - M4A1S in the start - ps: U need to be really good in this game to...
  7. N

    pre sale questions

    1.last detection you have skin changer? 3.are the all knifes non buggy execpt shadow daggers falchion and butterfly knife? 4.if i buy multihack does it have stream safe visuals like chams and glow.
  8. Funkis

    PC freezes while playing games

    This is how it looks like. I've tested my cpu, gpu, ram, tryed to turn off the hdd, switched rams, they're slots.. nothing really worked. What may cause the problem? MB: MW Asus m4a87td/usb3 CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T black edition (6 CORES, 3.2GHz Turbo Speed: 3.6 GHz). RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600...