1. A

    Vac consequence

    Hey I was just wondering if I got an account vac ban even if it's like 3 years ago does it mean I can't make it to pro anymore? And also is it only for csgo vac ban or let's say I get vac ban in another game I can't go pro to cs too even if I haven't been banned on csgo? Just wondering XD Ty no...
  2. Oliver

    Got banned faceit for ban evade

    Can someone help me ? i can't afford another pc need help :/
  3. VAULT1909

    Platinum ************** best staff

    commented this & salty admins delete my account xD
  4. Dexter Morgan

    Turning "Fake" hours into "Real"

    Hey guys, i remember once finding a guide on here showing how to turn your fake boosted horus into "real" hours that shows up on etc. In the guide he used Steam Achievement Manager, i just cant remember how to do it :D Does anyone know how to do it?
  5. Олег

    faceit party

    Take in the party, the solo is not possible to play
  6. fmr

    LC too strong to lose

    We were leading 8-7 at halftime. 2 got triggered and toggled. They took the lead 11-14 (they won 7 straight), but LC too strong to lose. I tried to win though, but this just shows how powerful LC is. Won against 2 hackers while carrying the team as legit as possible. It's funny how they rage so...
  7. Dowiie

    Match making

    Only me that noticed match making is unplayable the last months? If i go in game people scream, if i block them the kill me for blocking them or they try to kick me. If i play good then they wanna kick me for some other reasons if nothing from the above happens its ragehackers or vacware kids...
  8. sNego


    AimBot: 7/10 - its okay.. Very difficult to use. No always on Aimbot & no 2nd Aimbot. ESP: 2/10 - looks horrible, but its 50% working. No fonts for non Windowed User. Community: 7/10 - Staffs are working hard and quick, but you need to pay for a "Pro Setup" to get a good Config? Also here are...
  9. albanerendk

    AWP Ace | Long Live Jimster!

    This was recorded in real-time, no demo. Still looks ridiculously legit lol. God damn hah. Thanks to @Jimster480 , and his lovely staff for delivering the best cheat on the market!
  10. T

    The time is here | Current stage of FaceIT AC, EAC bypass development [UPDATED 03.07.2017]

    We successfully graduated works on our unique bypass for FaceIT Anti-Cheat client and Easy Anti-Cheat. Right now we are pushing forward our beta bypass for more people. Currently 13 users gained access to our BETA tests. Why you can't release it now? We could, but there is one problem. The...
  11. Jeff


    I'd like to ask simple question how many times was this cheat detected(Valve anti-cheat) in the past, and when was the last detection. Thanks
  12. B


    can i use visuals?
  13. R

    Quick testimonial

    Hello Quick testimonial. Cheat didnt worked for me just once when i clicked something weird and then it crashed again. I've got a lot of help for it but still didnt worked on my pc. I didnt get any refund.
  14. nykon

    Question about ESL

    Hey guys, i'm hooked up for the hack and wanna buy it just for ESL usage. So here is my question. What is safe to use @esl? No ESP atm right? thats what ive found in the Forums so far. There is no Sound ESP to compensate it, right? thanks so far <3 best regards nykon
  15. yeezy

    Just bought it

    Just bought the hack, I'm coming from inte*w*bz where I am a pretty respected member (got lifetime etc) but I feel like this has that true legit feel im searching for, only heard good things about this masterpiece and can't wait to get in on that action I'll be active af on the forums aswell...
  16. Twilight Wolf

    How to increase REAL playing time in CS:GO

    I have 2nd account, and i want to play in But I need atleast 150 REAL IN-GAME hours. So, can i increase this time in idle-servers? Or i must play only in official Valve servers?
  17. R

    24 hours, still no cheats

    1KA31347Y55670141 is my transaction ID Really need this by 7 pm E-mail to the gmail I created the account with.
  18. SinterJuice

    Thank you! & Refered a Friend!

    First off! I have been playing CS for 10 years now. Although I understand the risk of playing with program assistance I just want to say its been a blast trolling people that are using aim bots with no regard for trying to hide it :) best program I have ever found. Even got my noob friend who...