1. Virus1x

    I wanted feedback from you the users.

    So we all love LC Jimster is a brilliant coder and as many of you know my oldest friend. I got to talking to him about LC and it's future and my future so after a detailed discussion we came to a somewhat agreement but I wanted feedback from users. Here's my idea. Jimster will not build against...
  2. navysonar

    My New PC Build :D

    Hey Guys , Check out my new PC :D i7 8700k Evga GTX 1080ti Super Clock 32GB ram DDR4 3200mhz G.skills Asus Strix Z-370-E NZXT Kraken X52 240mm Im running pubg at 1440p 144fps stable, its a thing of beauty with my 1440p 144hz 1ms G-sync monitor :D
  3. amnez1k

    private build

    how much does a private build that bypass faceit ac costs ? features : just aimbot
  4. W

    Few questions,

    Hi I'm new to the forum, and I'm planning to get LC, but I have few questions before I will make the purchase. Are you planning to add radar or backtrack to your features? Since I have seen many other cheat providers that already have them. I'm currently GE, and I want to get cheat for the...
  5. Thomisk

    Wasn't been here for a quite a time, I have a question.

    Hi. After the ut ban wave,I wasn't been here for quite a time. Is the cheat ud again how it was before ? Or are you guys working on cheat security updates ? Thanks for any answer. Need to rebuy again,hehe :P
  6. kitsouxd

    LC 3.0

    Will LC 3.0 be undetected with the FaceIT AC? How much will it cost?
  7. Aleixo

    ESEA Build

    Hey, I was wondering how much does an ESEA build cost on LC, and if it's possible for you to do a private build undetected on EAC. Does someone know?
  8. enaldie


    Hello,as you can see I am not VIP,because my 6 y.o. laptop cannot even run CSGO xD,but if you help me build a new PC,I will be a sub 100%(in January). I just want to ask if this build is COMPATIBLE and how many FPS can I get on CSGO+LC soft with this poor build. And some PC experts here can...
  9. P

    Looking for ESEA cheat

    I am an experienced CS:GO player and have been cheating for a long time now and I am looking to branch out into ESEA and was looking for a place to get started. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Jimster480

    CSGO Update 10/18/17

    Hey all, New CSGO update tonight which broke a few things. With this I am updating the cheats for the new version aswell as adding a couple new things. For League Multi users you can now use the VirualKeyPress mechanism (will only work for this CSGO version atm, new update with automatic...
  11. Leo Ray

    Custom build

    Is it possible to have a working build of just a radar of all players working on phone, tablet etc. working on esea or just a cheaper build for mm? A big provider uses this but it is in beta and it isn't really their priority.
  12. Leo Ray

    Faceit AC now available?

    Faceit support is now supported on private cheats page? Starting at $1600 a year am I mistaken or is it just server sided private?
  13. N

    Usable for LAN?

    Hello, I'm going to a LAN with friends and I'm wondering if the hack can be used in an internetcafe? I saw that it had silent load and stuff, but how am I supposed to inject it discretely during the cafe event. Do you have auto-injection or something? How am I going to configure the cheats...
  14. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats CSGO Update 8/18/17

    Hey all, The CSGO cheat has been updated to match the new version released a few hours ago. If you haven't updated your CSGO yet, please update it before downloading a new build from the updater. This update affects ALL versions of the CSGO cheats so please download a new build, if you have a...
  15. R

    re newal

    My sub ran out a month ago, if i re new it, can i just use the same build as before? or do i have to re dl everthing and re do the build?
  16. R

    [SURVEY] Why are you cheating ?

    That is the question.
  17. mins13

    private build

    Someone tell me where to buy private build for ESEA Budget 1300eu
  18. sus

    new pc build.

    So for Christmas the other day i was given a $500 visa gift card by my dad and was told to use it to build my own PC. now i'm sure to some people on here $500 for a PC build might not seem like a lot but my current PC is a hp pavilion which doesn't even have a GPU...... let that sink in...
  19. C

    GamersClub? (Brazilian League)

    Does this cheat supports GamersClub? The anticheat based on Ring0 of the Brazilian league?
  20. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 10/13/16

    Hey all, The cheats have been updated for the new update today! All new structure changes have been compensated for. Please download a new build from the Login Updater! The new builds are on the build server as of right now!!!