1. Y

    I have bought cheat for 1 m

    I have bought cheat for 1 m,can you please link my account fast.i cant wait to use it!
  2. imperialtex

    Bought cheat, where to download or link vip

    Hi, I bought 25$ wall + esp. But how can I download? Need to wait for 24h? After that, It will be sent to payment email on PayPal, right ?
  3. yyyy

    question about payment

    I bought this cheat yesterday yea, and I recieved auth system login info request where it told me I had to pm Jimster my password and username however, when I bought the non-league esp or wh I did not notice that you had to also write password + username, I only wrote username, what happens...
  4. pcstekje


    Hi guys i am new here and thinking of give it a try of 1 month never used any cheat for csgo but for some reason i want to try it as i already now lc faceit ac not supported atm so is this working on mm prime matches ore not and if there are some people that can help me setting this up that wil...
  5. L


    hi... i bought cheat and i need to know how long it take for send email to me? i bought yesterday 11pm
  6. G

    where i find button "download"

    i cant find this help me fast !
  7. realjitter

    How to beat bad kids with lc ft. BOT

    My friends PC crashed 2x on like round 7 and he abandoned. REKT these kids with aimbot + pixel esp. Lets just say those kids were salty + may have been cheating as well(my team was calling them as cheats but lc was owning them so I couldn't tell) It was an ez 4v5 (dont mind my shitty rank lol)
  8. adidasonur

    h*xui got me banneerino. Lost two accounts... LC Safe as always

    edit: LC is safe and clear.
  9. shizm22

    want to buy a new screen (144hz+)

    hey guys, i want to buy a new gaming screen with 144hz+ what you can recommend? with kind regards, shizm22
  10. shigetora

    No vip message?

    I bought multi non league yesterday and still haven't gotten this "message" Where are you supposed to get it? I know it takes up to 24 hours and it has been that.
  11. N


    How to know if you are already activated or no? I just purchased for $25 around 4 hours ago and where do we download the hack?
  12. T

    Problem authentication

    When I try to connect I got an failed authentication I don't know why because I enter my leaguecheat account password. So if you can help me thank !
  13. P

    I just bought it

    Hello I just bought LC and I dont know how to inject the cheat also I dont understand this, "New subscribers: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access." If someone could be really nice and help me via Teamspeak that would be great. Thanks for the help
  14. Silvia

    How Long Does it Usually Take to Get VIP?

    I just bought the cheat today and was wondering how long it usually takes for it to be added to the account. I've received an email about them adding it but that was about 2 hours ago.
  15. pipplarnEZPZ

    Slow transactions?

    Hello! I bought the LEAGUE supported version 1 month for 35$ and I still haven't received my vip with over 40+ min of waiting. Is this an normal issue and it takes sometime to get your VIP? I did send a ticket and I'm in TS3 and waiting for help. Thank you!
  16. C

    How do i download

    I just bought the hack and noting was sent to my email other than paypal saying i bought it how do I use it where do i got to download the loader?
  17. F


    So i bought the cheat and when i bought it i guess it asked for username and password but i only put my username by mistake. Is there anyway i can fix this or does it not matter?
  18. B

    Just purchased: Quick Questions

    1. Does the non LC multi CSGO work for faceit (Aimbot/Esp) on Non-League version (I hope so cause thats what I bought lol) 2. How will I know where to go to get the cheat/when will I know its ready :D 3. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!
  19. Y

    Bought the hack

    This seems awesome, bought a week, if i like it, ill buy more time. TRANS - 6J228467HB6316139