1. CuteK1tty

    What does the menu look like?

    I'm curious what the menu looks like I can't find anything about the menu since the cheat isn't super popular can someone send me a SC of the menu please and thank you <3
  2. Heraxion


    How does faceit AC auto bans working? If im getting banned, does all account who have played on my hardware before also get an ban? Or just account playing after? Does it track IP/emails or anything else? Thanks for answers guys!
  3. Get_Right

    microsoft anti cheat wtf is this crap :P
  4. realjitter

    How to beat bad kids with lc ft. BOT

    My friends PC crashed 2x on like round 7 and he abandoned. REKT these kids with aimbot + pixel esp. Lets just say those kids were salty + may have been cheating as well(my team was calling them as cheats but lc was owning them so I couldn't tell) It was an ez 4v5 (dont mind my shitty rank lol)
  5. Fazehaze1

    Whats going on

    Whats going on i havent hear nothin from jim or recived a email its been over a week
  6. M

    Couple of questions

    1) Can I enable this cheat without restarting my computer or anything else very noticeable? 2) I want to keep my main account (no-cheat) and second account (cheat) separated. If I'm using cheat with my second account and want to change back to my main, do I then have to restart my computer or...
  7. X


    So i thinked about going pro in faceit and maybe esea like am i going 2 be safe using this cheat? like the detecteion rate has 2 be low i guess because of the good coder n shit i would like 2 know how many times a year this cheat get detected and when was the last detection?
  8. JunkMan

    5 HEADSHOTS USP Ace on Inferno

    Early morning ESEA pug.