1. M

    Help with spoofer GC?

    Hi. I'm interested on buy the GC cheat for 3 months, but while using another hack I got banned on GamersClub a few days ago. As u guys should know, GamersClub has HWID banning system. What can I do to make me possible to play there again? Did u guys provide any spoofer or tutorial for me...
  2. F

    Faceit Ac

    Hello, does anyone know what might be the problem, i created an account without playing a single match i was forced to download the client, i've never played faceit on the current hardware neither ip adress, didn't use same details of past accounts as well :/
  3. ex0dus

    LC Frags

    somehow deleted a post i just made cause im fucken retarded. I decided to *semi* finish the frag that Resolved posted the other day (i say semi cause there are a few errors in the video that i couldnt be bothered fixing) If any LC admin / moderator wants a frag movie or cinematic done send...
  4. Maiden

    VAC Banned

    So i just got VAC Banned. The only cheat i've used in the past 2 Years is Leaugecheats, it has been a long time since i last injected. EDIT Removed all the info.
  5. K

    God bless LC

    God bless LC and Valve. New update after 1 year you will get your OW banned account unbanned.
  6. Aleixo

    faceit data removed, what now

    faceit just sent me an email telling me that my account is now on a 30 day quarantine period, and that after these 30 days, my data will be completely removed. Does that mean that I can use the same IP in my new account when they remove all the data?
  7. struggles

    Very honest review after around 2years

    Dear LC community, After almost two years I decided to write a testimonial for you guys in order to share my experiences with leaguecheats with you. Many of you will not even recognize me or have never seen me on the forum, nevertheless I would ask you kindly to read my story and respect my...
  8. boomrockyoyo

    After purchase, what to do next?

    After purchase, what to do next because I wait for 8 Hours
  9. mph3xn

    About hl2 hack

    hi lc community. when was last updated hl2(cs:source) hack? can you add a new functionality, eg: best bone, recoil after, aim time, sound esp/sonar esp(or you have already added under the name - sequence esp??), visible esp, WEAPONCONFIG, etc. ? and how well your cheat bypasses SMAC and any...
  10. Sarac007

    I have a few questions before buying

    from the 2015 i use different cheats for csgo,first i try a*mw*re 3 months (many times detected),h*xui 12 months(bad Aimbot),inte*w*bz 3 months(Fps drop from 200 to 90),and last Unity 9 months but after last update if i use this cheat my game lagg and i have var and fps drop. Questions...
  11. Kennedy

    Help pls

    Hello! Who can tell how to bypass ban on faceIT?
  12. feasly

    Why i have to Download Ac-Client

    Hey boiis Long Time Aso i bought Sometimes new steam accs and boosted them to Level 10 or 9 ( untill i have to Download ac-Client). Most Times a had to Download the Client after 10-50games But Now i Need to Download the ac Client after the 1. Game Idk Why i Now have to Download always the...
  13. tomato

    How to get AC Force in 1 Game

    I think i got auto ac force, couldnt even queue next game without anymore Guess I dropped a few memes too many. Looking forward to 3.0 I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Y

    Hi, do I have to wait after purchasing?

    Do I have to wait after purchasing? Cuz theres several forums checking ID cards or something. I'm wondering if i can use it directly after purchase of cheat.
  15. pcstekje

    First month

    first of all happy new year already to the community :) Lets start, for me cheating is new i never used something on csgo playing from 1.6 already but for some reason i wanted to give this a try and you now what this is amazing ! CONFIGURATION 10/10 At the beginning this was like chinees for...
  16. anden


    So where do i begin this review?? Let´s just start with where i first encountred LC (League Cheats) Background: It all started early july last year when me and a bunch of friends decided to play some faceit. We jumped in the que as 4 and quickly got a match, we got matched with a lvl6 while...
  17. ernestlim05

    configs and stuff? confusing!!!!

    umm... so leaguecheats has a bunch of numbers and shit... anyway can someone tell me how to customize my config ???! confusing aF is there a tutorial or something for this to teach u about LC? also is there a skin changer? im too used to using inte*w*bz that i dont know how to use LC...
  18. Thomisk

    Can I renew my vip ?

    I don't quite know,who is renewing vip and I know that Jim has some troubles with the hurricane and some disasters,so,will I get my vip eventually after buying the cheat now ? Thanks :P
  19. clanclasherxx

    FACEIT shit.

    Sorry for bad quality im not good in editing tho, its my first time. kek edit: btw. that acc got manual ban tho. haha
  20. A


    Eac supported? yes/no.