To Jim, you are a valued customer, not just a number


Dec 23, 2014
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Hello all,

For those that wonder what it's like to be in contact with Jim and what it's like to use LeagueCheats for CSGO, read

Jim is a wonderfull guy that always has time to answer your questions whenever you have a question. And he does it quick, always within the hour. I've never felt treated like a number, not even once. And for me it's been weeks since i've spent my money on his product and by all means, i am very satisfied.

- Weekly updated
- Safest cheat on the market
- Great (legit) aimbot
- Lots of customization options

- Triggerbot is bone based, therefore feels less reliable.

If you care about legit cheating, this is the product you want. Not once i've been blamed for aimbotting. I do get most of the time blamed for wallhacking, even though I never wallhack.

For me that is always a compliment as good players usually get blamed for wallhacking by those that have not been fortunate in having much experience in css / csgo. If you get blamed for aimbotting, now thats an entire different story. Then your settings are just plain wrong and you should consider getting a more natural aim / settings. If you rely purely on aimbotting without having a good sensitivity, you will never be considered a good player by anyone.

A good player is instantly recognised by game knowledge, awareness and a consistant good aim. A high sensitivity =! good aim. An aimbot should assist you. Not do everything for you when you screw up. Besides, screwing up makes you human. :)

Sadly, retired and casual now.

~ regards
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