1. Resolved

    Is this sorta content any good?

    In these past weeks ive been trying to find my footing as a legit cheating ytber. I want to make content that is enjoyable but isnt too cliche and makes me unique as an indivual. If possible please leave me feedback here or on the video on what content I should do in future videos I will also...
  2. eddy815

    no activation ??? please

    hi, Can you activate my account ?? Suscribe yesterday : 24h. I see your email in spam box today 11h00. I write an email at jimster with my pseudo and pass required and no answer. can you resolve this situation. Thx a lot.
  3. panzer

    Some randoms 5K and 4K - RAW - shadowplay recorded no edit

    Ok, it was recorded with shadowplay. just some random kills
  4. chimichangas

    Just a clip from the lan| 4k with flick

    I got some time to make a video and post it here when I went to the WC, should be more clips up soon :D
  5. thegame


  6. U

    legit ? new settings

    does it look legit ? some frags out of 2 games watch in hd its 800x600 pov
  7. Averageplayer

    the csgo proscene is not cheating

    Shox: <--odd shaking effect <--odd shaking effect <--luck?? <--possibly aimlock Apex: <--odd shaking effect krimz...