1. G

    CSGO is free to play now, even for matchmaking.

    Customers from shit providers will be really happy with this news.
  2. Meeee

    Hi everyone!

    Hi guys im new on the forum ! Im still waiting my precious mail since 16h now :) so I just say hello to everybody ! I read a lot of threads and its a pretty interesting forum. Cant wait to test dat cheat seems to be awesome. I tried a cool custom public hack from Puppin on another forum but...
  3. Coghu

    Review After 2 Days

    AimBot: 10/10 - Incredibly smooth; perfect for helping with micro errors in aiming/spraying. Not to mention the RCS is beautiful. TriggerBot: 9/10 - Only used it for a few rounds so far, personally not a big fan of triggerbots (Mostly due to my inability to find a good key/button to set it to)...
  4. I

    Account activation

    Hello, I just buy the LC Csgo cheat right now. what i need to do to access the cheat ?
  5. S

    will it take 24hrs before i get vip when i buy

    also will that count as my vip days before i recive it when i payed
  6. pipplarnEZPZ

    Slow transactions?

    Hello! I bought the LEAGUE supported version 1 month for 35$ and I still haven't received my vip with over 40+ min of waiting. Is this an normal issue and it takes sometime to get your VIP? I did send a ticket and I'm in TS3 and waiting for help. Thank you!