1. Resolved

    LC 2 aces with ToX V3

    Some lazy frag edit using the new ToX V3 Credits to: ToX for the config and ENM for the music Ps: stop watching at 2:12 Click the subscribe button if you want more content with actual effort to editing Subscribe also for more content!!! Btw: 128 tick vids commin soon. Just sorting some shit out...
  2. K

    help about

    I'm interested in the $ 400 hack version, what's the first step? sorry for my English I'm brazilian
  3. lht001090

    I can't set the key with v

    I want to set triggerkey use v but it's 56.. I have set it but not working! pls help.. but I see the bhopkey is v it set to 0x56,, I don't understand,,
  4. BFZ

    After feeling 1 month sub.

    This is my truely feeling about this tools (I don't use a word like hack,cheat,els.),cuz it's a really "REALLY" power is you can control to fit and perfect with your play style,This is a tools for professional,cuz it's have a solve a value to understand with your self. And...