1. king23

    LC 3.0

    Hello, i want to know if i will be able to buy LC 3.0 when will be full realise? i used Leaguecheats only one month because LC 2.5 didn't work on the faceit, this profile it's older than 1 year and i can provide my identity to be trusted, country, photo with me and passport...........
  2. K

    Something about leaguecheats

    Hello Im new here and i would like to ask u something about leaguecheats. I would like to buy 1month sub. for cs go. I got banned with other cheats ( paid ) yesterday and i just wasted money... is leaguecheats UD since long time ? will i be able to play on new anty cheat client on faceit or...
  3. hahalolwtfbro

    Question about the League update coming

    So I've heard the league update is coming before this weekend (so tomorrow). Well my question: Will you release the update for all leagues at the same time? I only need it for ESL & EAC, will that both be released tomorrow or will you only release the update for 1 anti-cheat at a time?
  4. Yz1337

    so what ac's does it support?

    so what ac's does it support?