1. VAULT1909

    How many times have you been banned for cheating?

    just out of curiosity, how many times have you been banned from a platform / league for cheating since you've been playing?
  2. spy0x

    No fanboys for Shroud

    What do U think about this guys ? Some moments scatchy AF!
  3. Dowiie

    AWP Kills

    Here comes some AWP kills, nothing fancy but i have many nice 5ks with awp and deagle. Just trying to figure out my settings on Sony vegas. So if someone can help me with my render settings? i tried a lot of settings nothing is good when i upload it to YouTube. Send me a PM if you have good...
  4. MoMeak

    Too many ip?

    wtf is that??
  5. K

    I have only one question about hack

    Hello dear forum members! I have one question about this software. Is it real that i can use this hack only from one stable IP address? If my IP address will be changed - i cant play with hack. Thanks for answers