1. Kin

    Future of Frag Movies? This site got featured in 3kliksphilip’s video. I can say I am impressed. It’s still almost beta though. This could help us promote LC easier.
  2. ogdunderzubbi

    My LC experience

    From not having much cheating experience at all to cheating all day everyday. I'm a person that is "pro"-cheating, in other words I accept that people do it. Like in all sports you can boost it with amphetamines and steroids while esports have complex code and adderall. (Lol) I feel like it...
  3. Kin

    LC too strong to lose

    We were leading 8-7 at halftime. 2 got triggered and toggled. They took the lead 11-14 (they won 7 straight), but LC too strong to lose. I tried to win though, but this just shows how powerful LC is. Won against 2 hackers while carrying the team as legit as possible. It's funny how they rage so...
  4. FD^GoD

    Why you cant get OW ban with LC (fragshow part 2)

    New cfg test! Enjoy guys with rekt some fucking vacware and other cheat providers idiots in this video :)
  5. albanerendk

    Some awesome frags :D

    As always, recorded in real-time. RCS might look a little shaky, was testing lower smooth, on chest hitbox. Just gonna use 8 super again though. Demo will ofc be clean :p
  6. chimichangas

    4k spraydown

    Just a really fast 4k spraydown, not edited or added any music. If u want, I can do that:D It took 3,68 sec from first shot to the last.
  7. S

    Faceit new anticheat

    Is leaguecheat still undetected in new faceit anticheat??
  8. Ar1stotle

    My review

    alright fam, gather round.. after using a couple different cheats, I can say that I've found a keeper. Though it was a little tough to get used to at first, the team was beyond helpful. The aimbot is perfect (smooth and human-like, like no other). The only thing that would make this better are...
  9. Aaron

    Never once called a cheater

  10. R

    pistol only with LC

  11. A

    5 man headshot pistol ace ez pz

    5 man headshot ace on a faceit game, the map is Overpass. This cheat never cease to amaze me. LC is love, LC is life.
  12. H

    Reguarding the client

    Will the client effect the performance on my computer, and is it somewhat safe to use in competitive mode? Thanks, HunterPro.