1. R

    Question about PSC

    Can we pay with PSC junior?
  2. sebus1315

    WHAT CHEAT SHOULD YOU BUY?! (Ft. inte*w*bz, a*mw*re, LeagueCheats, in*uria AND MUCH MORE)

    Found some nice review of lc you can like soo more ppl will know how good lc is :) 3:17 he start talking about lc:D
  3. thegame


    Does anyone use the LC chat ? if yes when and what for ? if no why not?
  4. M

    Question on IP lock ?

    Hey I was a LC user before I move a lot from hotels to houses and such. Is there any way the ip lock won't affect me?
  5. Dexter Morgan

    Testimonial, just found out it was supposed to go here ^^

    Hey, i posted this on the thread when it got released but just foujnd out it was supposed to go here, Copy-paste inc :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, i havent really been on the LC "Gear" that long, but w/e...