1. Hi<3

    Banwave Insurance - Questions

    Hi guys, it's been a long time! Got a question about how banwave insurance works.. If the cheat gets detected I'm safe? I haven't used the cheat since january i guess or november. Is there something new about aimbot? The last detection was on may of this year. Should I buy this right now...
  2. D

    ESP Question.

    Hey, just curious, could you play with esp on a stream? Is that even possible? Without the other viewers seeing it.
  3. G

    When will these Cheats become Stream Proof?

    Everyone, Any ideas when and if the cheats would somehow possibly become stream proof? Meaning a streaming software like OBS won't pick up the cheats when you're streaming the game? That would be awesome. I feel like it's not possible but it doesn't hurt to dream. Best, G.
  4. S

    Betaaccess / new account / Stream

    Hey guys, im a lil bit confused. Looking for a fAC/EAC proof hack of course and i know about your guys beta. So i wonderd, if i order LC League on a 3 month base (90$?), will i be able to test your beta? Plus my second question; Is it possible to use your hacks on stream? I've never used...
  5. P

    stream proof

    Hei, can i record with obs so the visuals are not on the record?
  6. B

    lol played this guy in mm

    accidentally opens cheat menu on stream not sure what cheat hes using tho twitch profile: steam profile: http://steamcommunity/profiles/76561198094941791/ looks like he uses viewerbot, and hours boost. ontop of hacking ofcourse. must be a hefty monthly...
  7. HamsaG

    Stream xD

    Im new here so i want to know if any of these cheats are safe to cheat while live streaming??? Dont ask if i am a streamer >.< soooo....... Are They??
  8. E


    Hey all i just bought the cheat ( League version) and need to wait now Since i cant wait to test it maybe one of you guys can tell me Can i Stream with the hack ? with ESP on and can i use the Aimbot on FaceIT since alot of other sides cant support that
  9. W

    Just bought LC and I'm pretty excited, some questions..

    Hey guys, I just purchased the hack and am still waiting for the instruction mail at the moment! I have some questions tho: Is it worth it to buy the config from the staff? I am not completely new to hacking, have used hacks like Unity before (pls don't hate me.. :D) I want to make a legit...
  10. X

    1 last thing

    so what abount streaming? can i stream safe with this cheat like does it have an kind of overlay for both youtube and twitch? and did fodder use this cheat?
  11. BFZ®

    I have some question before I purchase.

    1.At username password box. I must make a new one or same with this user? 2.My stream acc is banned from faceit before and what i can do?or buy a new cs:go key with new stream acc. 3. active cheat staff is he online now? Thank you. oh sorry may be Q.2 i'm ask not clear,I not a vac ban but I...
  12. N

    CS GO Pre-sale questions

    Hi, I'm planning to buy your cheat, but I have feq questions before I do that. How easy is it to set up a hack? Does non league version support Faceit?