1. Dot_Dash

    Possible (most likely) buyer; a story, some compliments, and some questions.

    NOTE: If you don't want to read through a couple paragraphs, just skip to the questions below, which is probably what you're here for anyway. The paragraphs contain my story of how I ended up here (and some compliments) so if you don't want to read that, just go to the questions. Hey! First...
  2. chimichangas

    My story with LC

    I`ve heard that my story can make some people cry, so be ready with some paperBibleThump I started playing csgo when I was a kid(I am only 16 years old so I`m still a kid, yes I know) I was never the popular kid in school, and I got bullied alot. People looked at me as the wierd guy, there...
  3. Aaron

    Ez MM

    Back story to this is: I got SMFC legitimately (I wasn't a bad player before I started cheating) then when the whole December patch that messed up gun values entirely came I went and joined Derankers and deranked my main. Thinking they wouldn't reverse it, I went to Silver - then a day later...