1. Oliver

    New PC !

    Hey guys this is the new PC i'm gonna buy within 6 month so i want to know what do you guys think about it. I mind to stream, launch my youtube channel actively and of course ( play faceit :( ).
  2. serginhohenrique27

    Good Night!

    I checked the functions of the League and realized that it has WALL HACKER, but the same is detected in Gamers Club. Do yours have ESPSound? Sound that detects the enemy? Thanks in advance!
  3. H

    Is it external or internal?

    Is your cheat external or internal? & Does multi-league hack feature sound esp?
  4. N

    Usable for LAN?

    Hello, I'm going to a LAN with friends and I'm wondering if the hack can be used in an internetcafe? I saw that it had silent load and stuff, but how am I supposed to inject it discretely during the cafe event. Do you have auto-injection or something? How am I going to configure the cheats...
  5. L

    Faceit ace to win the game!

  6. JoeySalads

    Destroying kidz

  7. W

    FaceIt Visuals Esp

    Hello, Is it possible to use Visuals, or at least Radar or Sound Esp with FaceIt only server side anticheat (not client), using LEAGUE MODE? I mean, I know I can still get banned by reports or admins watching che demo, but I wanted to know if it's at least undetected by server side AC.. Thanks
  8. elwin1000

    Pistol 4K + JumpShot

    Don't judge me for my movement :D I didn't play for like 2 months. Enjoy!
  9. cLeAzyyy

    4k Deagle

    so yeah thats it actually.
  10. elwin1000

    -5 HS Deagle 1 vs 5

  11. C

    Sound ESP

    Hey guys, my subscription to another provider is about to run out and I've heard great things about LC. I live in a house with some buddies so I can't use chams/walls. Are there any upcoming plans for a sound ESP?
  12. K

    HL1 4 admins

    Hi guys, I do not quite know who's in charge here, so I am post to forum. I have an important message and ideas. I am the man who helped with ideas and suggestions for improvement for these cheats as p3rf0rm4 h4x (xzone-reactor) and R8 (r8cheats) I imagine solvency ru-community. Your goods to...