1. chimichangas

    Let the bass drop | 1v3 spraydown

  2. T

    FACEIT PRO LEAGUE Settings Project

    Sup home bois and home girls @Noname Kappa Few days ago after reading this article Link, one German playa (1.6 former) msg me if I could do something for him. Quick conversation with him (Pasha London School - Improve your English with us) xxx: Ayy ToX, you good admin you good settings ok...
  3. Rottix

    This actually happend today..

    The same guy I helped out with his settings today played against me in a Matchmaking, what a coincidence, gg life :D @yunstar24 Image under construction xD
  4. anotherlegend

    1v5 Clutchelele (9lvl faceit)