1. W

    FaceIt Visuals Esp

    Hello, Is it possible to use Visuals, or at least Radar or Sound Esp with FaceIt only server side anticheat (not client), using LEAGUE MODE? I mean, I know I can still get banned by reports or admins watching che demo, but I wanted to know if it's at least undetected by server side AC.. Thanks
  2. T

    Moviemaking Guide | How To create a Fragmovie [EASY]

    1. You need to have recording software. Example OBS recording with GPU or any sofware recording with GPU instead of using CPU to record. 2. Get your clip ready 3. Download HLAE 4. You can use those commands with HLAE: For commands look here...
  3. N


    Hello. 1) Can you use multicore rendering without any kind of bugs? Without making the cheat having any kind of errors? 2) Is there any perfect config on vip section, or you can make own settings being perfect? 3) What do you mean by ban evading? I got banned on faceit once, but now I have 150+...
  4. Twilight Wolf

    Radar Hack

    This cheat have radar hack?