1. E

    Initial impression of LC.

    I come from another forum, i used to believe that cheat was the best one available , it seems i was wrong, even though i would love to see a psilent on this cheat, its just not necessary, the aimbot is fucking unreal. Aimbot- 10/10 Esp- 8/10 Security- 9/10 Bhop- 0/10 Triggerbot- 7/10 The cheat...
  2. L

    Honest Review

    So I been using this for 24 hours, and let me tell you; it is one of my second worst purchases on the internet to this day. Firstly, the hack does not let you alt tab. I added everything the support says, but when I do, the menu does not work but it lets me alt tab, and vice versa, unbelievable...
  3. R

    My Review After 1 Year!

    Hello guys im useing this cheat for like one yaer! I had a lot of cheats befor like a*mw*re platinumo perfect aim and lots of more! (its mean that i have lots of steam with VAC ban xD) but LC is very very diffrent well its little hard at first to config your own perfect settings but the staff...
  4. K

    Does the cheat include bullet manipulation?

    Something like smn had in his lan config
  5. hybbitbabe

    VACced with IWebz . few pre-sell questions for LC

    Hello LeagueChest . I usually playing AWP/Pistol with "Silent Aim" which is provided by IWebz . Is there any feature similar to "silent aim" or some other feature instead with ? Is "Key bind for ESP" provided ? For ex : ESP active only if i pressed the bind key Thanks RIP SKIN
  6. B

    Eac and faceit related question

    Eac works now? And does psilent work in faceit? Thanks
  7. dzonixx

    Heh sup guys wassap :)?

    I am back :D Everyone good :D ? On cheat still works all features like Psilent and etc? I need update i maybe would buy it :D