1. Edwin

    [Overwatch] Is he clean or not?

    Saw a reddit post sharing an Overwatch video. What do you guys think? In my opinion he has walls (I was watching the first minute, and the way his crosshair shuffled between short and lower connector was a bit too coincidental to enemies’ position). How about aim? Flickshot with high...
  2. cornichon

    Stream with cheat

    Hello, Is the cheat stream proof with esp visual? Thank you
  3. backagain

    End of Beta-Test

    Hello! I'm willing to buy this cheat because it's UD on some leagues, but the bypass it's only available on Closed-Beta. I would like to know if there's an ETA or something that the Beta will end and the cheat will be available to new users too. Thanks for the attention.
  4. hollymolly

    Questions before buy

    1 : League cheats already works on Gamersclub ? 2 : Will leaguecheats gonna have a " HWID SPOOFER " for people like me, get banned on gamersclub, to not get banned anymore? 3 : And the cheat works on fullscreen mode or windowed mode ? Thanks
  5. Dowiie

    Easy 4k Mirage

    Easy 4k on Mirage, no Wallhack used. Nothing special. When i upload it to YouTube the quality are bad as fuck why? when i watch it on my computer its crisp and nice, why?
  6. hahalolwtfbro

    Question about the League update coming

    So I've heard the league update is coming before this weekend (so tomorrow). Well my question: Will you release the update for all leagues at the same time? I only need it for ESL & EAC, will that both be released tomorrow or will you only release the update for 1 anti-cheat at a time?
  7. R

    24 hours, still no cheats

    1KA31347Y55670141 is my transaction ID Really need this by 7 pm E-mail to the gmail I created the account with.