1. pcstekje


    Hi guys i am new here and thinking of give it a try of 1 month never used any cheat for csgo but for some reason i want to try it as i already now lc faceit ac not supported atm so is this working on mm prime matches ore not and if there are some people that can help me setting this up that wil...
  2. xans

    Some questions

    First of all, I would like to start saying Hi to everyone, since I never did before wixSanic With all the formalities aside, going straight to the point, I have a few questions before buying the actual thingy! 1st: I'm not a serious player looking for ranks on ESEA, FACEIT etc. that means I...
  3. Dowiie

    Account ?

    I have a main account with level 11 on and 600 win and global rank, prime. what is it worth?
  4. kanske

    Wtf has happened to Prime mm

    Got to Level 21 and activated Prime, but wtf it is really cancer at Prime now it is far worse then non Prime when solo q. I played 4 games today and there was at least 4 cheaters in enemy team every game, i checked demo after. Funny thing is that they really played blatant they don't try to hide...
  5. csgoleader53

    How to activate prime

    any idea how to make my account prime I can't find the Option anywere and I don't already have any accounts prime thanks
  6. I


    I'm curious, does csgo prime improve their anti-cheat at all?