1. shigetora

    75$ OMEGALUL

    What is this price xD? I can buy esportal cheat for 25$ if i want to why this insane price? I would expect Faceit Client atleast, i mean i can afford it but in my opinion its too much :/ 50$ would be the limit
  2. Dowiie

    Account ?

    I have a main account with level 11 on and 600 win and global rank, prime. what is it worth?
  3. 1Clicked

    1Clicked's Review of LC (in-depth)

    My Review of LeagueCheats after using it for a nearly a month. (Note: this is all my personal opinion and the things I mention here may not be agreeable with everyone else) Aimbot 10/10 -Very easy to maneuver -Most legit aim assist I have ever used, best on the market right now beating...
  4. Br0nZy

    My 100% Honest Review

    Hey guys So i'm using LC for around 2 weeks and i can say that i'll stick to LC after trying many cheats like HM, a*mw*re, unity, deadcode, etc... Why? Because it has the BEST aimbot and Community. Aimbot: 666/10 This aimbot is OP asf! It's the best one i have seen & used so far, it's amazing...
  5. owardag


    All I have to say is the kappa hack is working amazing, I love it when I kappa 1 2 3 the admins on alot of servers, they ask me how I do it and I tell them I am an 3l33t Hax0r, Oh yeah and the price of $1337 is too generous and is a little underpriced if you ask me, I demand a raise admin...
  6. B


    Been using this over the past few days and so far it's pretty good for what it does. Aimbot 6/10 I have had quite a few issues with the aimbot, I have yet to find any good settings for it so my score could easily be better if I was able to find some. It seems it has issues with it being...