1. 4DHERo


    Most of you don't know me some will, I'm a former LC member and staff I've been with LC for a long time sense 2015 but I've been gone for a while due to life emergencies. But I'm back and I have some questions (Sorry if this is formatted wrong I'm typing this on a phone) - has LC gotten better...
  2. Kahop

    3 Questions about LC

    Hello! So i recently discovered LC, all of my other subscriptions expired, and I am looking for a hack that I can safely use on my main account and use on my alt so LC seems like a promising option. I cheat on my alt more often but sometimes cheat on my main (maybe once every week or two) when...
  3. Y

    Thinking seriously about buying..

    I've used other semi-private hacks in the last couple of weeks, but they don't have the features I require and in some sense actually hinder my legit gameplay. I'm thinking about buying the League Multi-Hack and the $90 setup assistance so that I can get my settings tweaked. Okay background...