1. Y

    I have bought cheat for 1 m

    I have bought cheat for 1 m,can you please link my account fast.i cant wait to use it!
  2. ex0dus

    League Cheats Community Edit!

    Hey LC, some of you may or may not know that its possible that im going to become an official editor for the forums (not confirmed) but as a pre mature celebration i would like to make a community edit!! Please only send me clips where you get A) Fast 3ks, B) Fast 4k, C) Full round ace...
  3. yeap

    Dual Injecting

    Can we inject a standalone skin changer as well as the cheat?
  4. B

    Alguem me ajuda, paguei por boleto!

    Entao gente, fiz uma compra ontem por boleto e chegou um email de confirmacao de pagamento no meu email... chegaram 2 na real, um do paymentwall support e outro da leaguecheats, nesse email da leaguecheats esta escrito a seguinte coisa:Pagamento confirmado via Boleto Bancário. Pedido...
  5. H

    Gamersclub private

    Hi, i want to buy the private version of gamersclub but i cant contact jimster, if you see me here @Jimster480 please talk to me
  6. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats September 11 Update, Competitors Closing? Reduced Pro-League Requirements? See inside!

    Hello Subscribers, With the recent successful launch of Pro-League with DiveDeep, We have decided that it was time to show why LeagueCheats is the best provider on the market. Some of you may or may not be aware that some sites on the market who competed with us are now closing their doors...
  7. S

    Banned from Faceit

    I got banned from Faceit for leaving too many matches it seems. I did fuckabout for what felt an age on a lesser cheat provider trying to get what they claimed worked to work. I've had to buy a fresh key to test this bad boy out. Thankfully I never got past lvl 3 playing legit and tbh... I...
  8. masongod


  9. CuteK1tty

    What does the menu look like?

    I'm curious what the menu looks like I can't find anything about the menu since the cheat isn't super popular can someone send me a SC of the menu please and thank you <3
  10. T


    I'm there I'm new to lc just wondering whats the differencebetween serversided ac on faceit and clientslide ac on faceit? I have quit playing csgo for awhile now and want to get back to playing can I still find matches on faceit without downloading the client?
  11. D


    hello, how is the aimbot of this cheat??? is there any video of an hour to see it??? pistol,rifle and sniper
  12. Jimster480

    CSGO Update 10/18/17

    Hey all, New CSGO update tonight which broke a few things. With this I am updating the cheats for the new version aswell as adding a couple new things. For League Multi users you can now use the VirualKeyPress mechanism (will only work for this CSGO version atm, new update with automatic...
  13. Kennedy

    how i can pay gift for Jim?

    how i can pay gift for Jim? sad me please my friends :))) ps: LOVE LC CoMM
  14. R

    Help buy vip

    İ get this email,activate,please activate my vip access Hi there, Thanks for purchasing! Please let me know what your desired anti-leak login information (Username & Password) is so I can get your account setup ASAP! This account is NOT THE SAME as the forum account, I must...
  15. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats CSGO Update 8/18/17

    Hey all, The CSGO cheat has been updated to match the new version released a few hours ago. If you haven't updated your CSGO yet, please update it before downloading a new build from the updater. This update affects ALL versions of the CSGO cheats so please download a new build, if you have a...
  16. M

    Please, help me

    sorry for bothering Make the buy cheat. but I can not send the ID image. Make the purchase with a family member's card with your permission. Is obligatory the image of your id ? In this case I would like to make a refund Thanks
  17. M

    Buy the cheat and I can not download it

    Hey!! First, sorry for my english. I just Buy the cheat and I do not know how to download it Please, help me.. Thanks!
  18. poliziach3ater

    I have bought the cheat but i dont know where to link my account.

    I have bought the $35/month league cheat with aimbot etc. however i'm not sure where i link my account. Can anyone help me. It'll be much appreciated
  19. F

    i want to buy LC and then LC 3.0

    guys i want to buy LC please guide me from where should i buy and i can pay thru BTC so i can use that and after that i can able to buy 3.0 cna someone guide me please ? thanks.
  20. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 6/2/17

    Hey all, As per the CSGO update last week they made some changes to the armor system. As such I have updated the armor system in the cheat to make it work with the new armor values. Additionally you can now play with raw input on with the aimbot if you use setcursortype=1 (in the settings...