1. creat1ve

    is this guy aimbotting?

    watch the second kill in 720p (0.5 speed) and you'll see an aimlock, maybe hes aimbotting with mouse4 or mouse5 cause he misses a lot of shots but alot of his kills you can see the aimlock if you watch in 0.5, hes a popular youtuber, he also make videos of ppl cheating in GamersClub/ESEA.. i...
  2. fmr

    Favorite Pro, Playstyle, & Position

    Hello guys, I just want to create a quick survey. I want to know what kind of CS:GO style each members have. This could also be a gateway to an increased chemistry in our forum. Users who liked a common professional player may end up being friends in the long run. In preparation to LC 3.0...
  3. Guilford

    #5 Dev1ce

    Only 22 years old, bright future!
  4. S

    How many pro players actually use league cheats?

    Hi all, The reason I'm here is because in the last 2 year I tried, at the second time in my life, to become a pro player. I'm playing since 2002, and there were time at 1.6 that I played about 15 hours a day. Today I'm 25 y/o - and in the last 2 years I spent 5 hours every day on csgo- no...
  5. panzer

    Who remember this legend?

  6. A

    Overwatch Player

    Hi guys ! Im trying hard on overwatch and im playing alone and its kind of boring .. Im looking for player or team looking for player I can play all day long and i have a team speak . Send me your ID or ask for mine by PM
  7. W

    PixelESP on 25$ variant

    Hey, I got two (or one) question: is PixelESP aviable on the CSGI "ESP and Wallhack ONLY Cheat Option" for 25$? And what options are exactly in this package? (Sorry if i missed a thread what answer this question. Greetings
  8. J

    Faceit aimbot

    I see a lot of other providers that are detected or semi-detected say you need to use a really low fov and a super high smooth to not get detected. Is that the same with this cheat, can you use settings that actually give you a decent advantage or is it still minimal because you will be detected?