1. D

    i bought hl1 league cheat month

    but i not became vip and i can't use cheat? i bought Paymentwall
  2. HEGZ

    Maybe some dumb questions

    So, I'm a little confused. When go to the buying area it says: "Select the type of build you want, make sure to select the right amount of month(s) you want for the package and enter your desired usernameand password, it has to be on the right order too. Example: login - password If you are...
  3. CarlPoppa

    Quick Question

    Quick question, When resubbing to LC should i just enter the same username and password i did the first time i subbed or do renew - password or something like that?
  4. D

    Forgot to include password

    So I just purchased the cheat and I know it is 24 hours but I completely didn't even notice that you were supposed to put a username and password in the same box...I did not put a password, is this going to cause a problem?
  5. denizrz

    Few questions

    1ST: If I buy league cheat 35$ per month, can i use it in matchmaking also? 2nd: When will be up FACE IT support? 3th: Should i type forum name and password when i purchase cheat or i can type what ever i want?
  6. B


    Hey, I cant log in into the Updater what username and pw should i use for it?
  7. dai_xiaolian


  8. CarlPoppa


    If i want to buy again after having bought it in the past can i put my old username and password in when i buy?
  9. knox.ini

    Link auth account

    Sorry if someone already post about it, but i do not get how i'm supposed to link my forum account with my auth account to receive vip... when i go to link All that i receive is Invalid username or password. i already change the pass of my account and still can't link... i'm doing something...
  10. R

    username and payment

    where can i see my username and wht should i do if i buy the cheats and still not a member yet. im not put my username and pass when i buying the cheats, cuz i thought its liek a gift or something
  11. Jazzy18

    One last question.

    Hello! I just purchased and paid 25$ for cheats, I made support ticket now and I need to wait only? But what was the username/password which I typed inside before the purchase? Kind regards, jzyy-
  12. H


    Thanks for purchasing! Please let me know what your desired anti-leak login information (Username & Password) is so I can get your account setup ASAP! do i just email him back??
  13. T

    Problem authentication

    When I try to connect I got an failed authentication I don't know why because I enter my leaguecheat account password. So if you can help me thank !
  14. KRM8

    Returning Customer - Payment?

    As ive been approved and paid before, do i pay a different way or just use the "buy cheats" page and input username - password again?
  15. Sephyr

    Features on faceit?

    Hello everyone so, I decided to get LC Multi Cheat Non-League, And I wonder what features are safe to use on faceit? and is the cheat hard to configure? (This is not an problem for me really just wondering) Also is there an skinchanger or no? Regards @Sephyr
  16. O

    Wanna buy

    Hey so I wanna buy the cheat but I don't understand the password and username thing, should I enter my forum account or just type in a username and password in that case for what, thanks for the help.
  17. Rikug0u

    Hack for ESL and FaceIt

    Good day, Im in a German eSport Clan and i want ask which hack i need to buy to dont get banned if i play FaceIt and ESL? gratz Rikug0u
  18. P


    I've just bought the cheats with paymentwall how long does it take to get VIP? And how do I install the cheat and use it :]
  19. E

    Quick Question?

    I am purchasing the non-league mulit when i get back from vacation this weekend. Once i purchase it (through paypal) do i go link my account right after i purchase it then wait the 12 hours. Also what password/email/username do i use when logging into the cheat once i have downloaded it. Do i...
  20. cutiecat

    quick question

    I forgot my password for the updater, so once I'm able to re purchase can I put a new password and be sent a new email? :D thank you im also getting a new pc soon, I'll need a HWID reset right?