1. Aleixo

    Buy phone numbers steam?

    hey, does anyone know if its safe to buy phone numbers for example on the site "", i wanted to know if I can get vac banned, cause im not sure if its one number for each user, or one number for different users
  2. denizrz

    How steam launches the game?

    I made shortcut with D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\steam.exe -applaunch 730 -game, face it anti cheat injects to game. Where i can find shortcut that steam launches actuly cs go or game icon.
  3. Dowiie

    Someone know ebay here?

    Hello i really suck at this with ebay but i'm trying to sell one account i have one ebay, but this dude don't know how to accept the shipping thingy. The sites things i'm selling something that's need to be sended and want a tracking number. I can't send the account in a box to get a tracking...
  4. T


    Hey guys, as most of you know I was a VIP for many months (about to renew) I made a completely clean steam / csgo account which I have never cheated on, I let my friend use it for a few days just to deathmatch to earn ranks to get prime.. Turns out he was using some cheap cheats ( i think a...
  5. Markus Dahl

    About mobile authenticator VAC system

    Hello, so I recently bought a new account, which is meant to be my main account. Though i have been VAC Banned on my old account, which had mobile authenticatior locked to my phone number. I saw that the phone also got the ban, and I was wondering, since its about 1 month ago, would i get banned...
  6. Secrets

    Steam and VAC

    Hello bois im back after some time, and i have a question about steam accounts and bans. So i just want to know if they connected somehow multiple accounts together example -> I would cheat on my smurf will that affect my main (would log to my main from time to time but i wouldn't inject...
  7. kanske

    Using a ow banned acc's old phone number

    Is it safe to use a phone number on another acc, that was used on a acc that was overwatched. The phone number was removed from the banned acc a couple a months ago.
  8. csgoleader53

    How to activate prime

    any idea how to make my account prime I can't find the Option anywere and I don't already have any accounts prime thanks
  9. Jaaz


    Hey, all After reading threw Reddit and other sites, I have seen some people get VACed on there smurfs, and then get VACed on there mains too. Is there any way to provent this from happening, and is it true?