1. killallmuslims3

    What do you think of this vid

    this guy trys to explain how to spot a cheater and half the shit he says isnt right and then goes on to say that BHOP is good at hiding his cheats...
  2. N

    some questions

    1. the cheat is internal or external? 2. its kernel injection mode?
  3. MoMeak

    Too many ip?

    wtf is that??
  4. DD-FAM

    Final Testimony: Goodbye Guys!

    Gotta say, I have had fun for my many months being here the cheat has been great. I'm sure that leaguecheats will continue to improve and keep adding features. The aimbot works great, very customizable. At times it would glitch out due to my video settings, but that has never been a real...