1. Back to CS:GO but not as good

    Back to CS:GO but not as good

  2. Plisskien

    Intro For LeagueCheat 3 Variants

    Hi Guys, I made an intro for LC with a few options, I would like to share, maybe someday someone will use them in their own video. INFO Resolution: 1920x1080 HD Format: MP4 FPS: 60 Video Code: H.264 Duration All Options: 1,21s I hope intro is not to too short or too long. Intro preview V3.2...
  3. Kyle62

    Counter Strike Is Weird

  4. Resolved

    1 Frame 1 Kill

    Like my setting? Faceit has its new FlipGod coming soon
  5. Vader_FanBoy

    Flipgod admits to cheating

    I just saw that flipgod has admitted to cheating. I've always thought this guy was sketchy what do you guys think?
  6. Resolved

    LeagueCheats MM Highlights #1 (Insane CFG In Desc)

  7. Resolved

    CS:GO Battle Royal| Raging W/LeagueCheats

  8. Resolved

    LeagueCheats Community Edit By Ex0dus Music Choice Poll

    Current song What we need you to do: Ex0dus is working on an edit and would like for people of the community to have a say in what song is being used. This edit would span to be about a 6-8 minute frag edit of Full LC Power and frags submitted to him by community members. But as of now We need...
  9. ex0dus

    League Cheats Community Edit!

    Hey LC, some of you may or may not know that its possible that im going to become an official editor for the forums (not confirmed) but as a pre mature celebration i would like to make a community edit!! Please only send me clips where you get A) Fast 3ks, B) Fast 4k, C) Full round ace...
  10. ex0dus

    LC Frags

    somehow deleted a post i just made cause im fucken retarded. I decided to *semi* finish the frag that Resolved posted the other day (i say semi cause there are a few errors in the video that i couldnt be bothered fixing) If any LC admin / moderator wants a frag movie or cinematic done send...
  11. Resolved

    INSANE LeagueCheats Monster-Edit| By Ex0Dus

    This Cool edit was made by @Ducklord Sorry if the edit was very short but he made this from one game we had against blatant cheaters. Edit: Also when he sent it to me he accidentally cut off the last clip
  12. Resolved

    Leaguecheats Sub Giveaway

    In this giveaway both: League multi Non-League multi
  13. Resolved

    Lethalio gets tapped by LeagueCheats while spinning

  14. Resolved

    Don't Be An Enemy to Leaguecheats

    Sorry for the bot gameplay but I was really rushing this video and forgot all about uploading
  15. Guilford

    -3 and -1 trough the smoke. :D

  16. Resolved

    When I use Mouse 5 aimbot

    Edit: Apparently the whole enemy team found out my yt mid game and said they liked my vods 2:01
  17. kraeuterjunge

    5k AWP. Normal MM

    ayoo, just wanna show u guys my awp ace on cache. unfortunately a demobug at the end of the clip- ty valve
  18. Guilford

    [CS:GO Global/Prime] -4 with DEAGLE

  19. L

    Back to using LC :D

    My first game for a while :D