1. L

    Honest Review

    So I been using this for 24 hours, and let me tell you; it is one of my second worst purchases on the internet to this day. Firstly, the hack does not let you alt tab. I added everything the support says, but when I do, the menu does not work but it lets me alt tab, and vice versa, unbelievable...
  2. Jon18

    Platinum cheats

    I've been using the cheat for a while, but I've heard leaguecheats is the OG providers with the best aimbots. Is this true?
  3. owardag

    My final Testimonial and the good time I had here.

    I know alot people know me as an advocate for LC but I had a good time here and especially with LC for CSGO, Half Life 1 and 2, I basically used them all and I have to say bravo and superb job, The cheats are absolutely phenomenal and I have never once have been called out for aim hacking or...
  4. owardag

    The truth about other providers by Owardag.

    Listen, if you are reading this stay tuned because even if the sh** I write is brutal I want to explain to you all of these copy-pasting pieces of pigeon shi*. So first off let me tell you the people you can't trust and why in terms of using their product. I have been cheating since the 1.6...