1. SyPh

    wsup long time ago | more videos for u guys

    hello everyone, it was a while since I was here on the forum and cheated, just wanted to check how everyone has it and if they are old, who played when I play with leagueCheats btw, thanks for all the comments on my pistol 4k legit :) here are some more clips legit playing no hacking...
  2. realjitter

    How to beat bad kids with lc ft. BOT

    My friends PC crashed 2x on like round 7 and he abandoned. REKT these kids with aimbot + pixel esp. Lets just say those kids were salty + may have been cheating as well(my team was calling them as cheats but lc was owning them so I couldn't tell) It was an ez 4v5 (dont mind my shitty rank lol)
  3. unholy


    a fastmade video w some fragz, and yee some are a bit obv but whatever
  4. panzer

    Panzer and Mitobr kickin asses on MM

    Yeah, fist time we play we kicked some asses..... @mitobr was using bot panzer nickname, cause he loves me :) ps: we are playing light ok, next time we promisse 100 points for each one and 50 kills
  5. Dowiie

    AWP Kills

    Here comes some AWP kills, nothing fancy but i have many nice 5ks with awp and deagle. Just trying to figure out my settings on Sony vegas. So if someone can help me with my render settings? i tried a lot of settings nothing is good when i upload it to YouTube. Send me a PM if you have good...
  6. Aaron

    MM Hero

  7. JoobleDoobles

    3k Clutch :D

  8. JECKY1

    play in mm global elite

    guys sorry for the bad quality but still you can see my demo and tell you how my settings?
  9. Patrick1337

    Zonixx head shoot machine?

    Raw stats Team K (HS) A D K/D K/D Diff ADR FK Diff Rating zonixx ROG zonixx 46 (44) 11 39 1.18 +7 100.1 +7 1.14 46 kills 44 hs on 3 maps What do you think guys? Keepo
  10. Moose

    Need some info on Overwatch

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone can confirm somethings for CSGO Overwatch. 1: Is it 11 or 10 reports 2: Is it true you get into an OW case when you get over 45 kills That's all, Beautiful. Ran into some normie using Vacware. and fed him kills. And as usual, the rounds I did I try, I murked him...
  11. Thing