1. pikachu

    Lc 3.0

    Does Lc 3.0 natively supports multicore enabled or still needs to use the 2.0 fix? And raw input? Need to use the fix to set to 1 aswell?
  2. kent5k

    Mouse problem

    With raw input 0, (needed for aimbot) When moving the mouse very slowly, it stops , or barely moves . like reverse mouse acceleration. any1 know a fix?
  3. XxXTheSuspectXxX

    [CS: GO] Some questions

    Hello, I'm interested in buying the cheat for CS: GO, but I have a few questions. -01- Can I pay by Rapipago / Pago Fácil? (Paymentwall) -02- Is it compatible with Gamers Club (GC)? Can I use all the options of the cheat or someone not? for example, I mustn't use visuals, bhop, etc. -03- Is it...
  4. Dexter Morgan

    Source Engine Mouse bug

    Hey guys, i got a bug with my mouse movement ingame, first of all i wanna clarify: The mouse is not the problem, i've reinstalled my pc, ive reinstalled steam/cs whatever, im not using razer synapse, works fine on raw_input 1, windows mouse accel off, cs mouse accel off. Ok, my problem is that...
  5. B

    Does it only works on full-screen window mode ? Also rawinput?

    Hi guys Before I purchase just wanted to know does the cheat only work in full screen windowed mode ? Or can we play on full-screen as well without visuals? Thanks Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  6. 1Clicked

    Few Questions > before buying again

    Hey all, lot has changed since i last used this wonderful cheat. Got few questions to ask, 1. Does the non-league cheat ( $25USD ) support client and non-client faceit anti cheat. 2. Any new features added ? ( last time used was around august-november last year ) The most important question...
  7. Markus Dahl

    Mouse problems

    Hello, this thread is not cheat related, but i thought some of the geeks in here could shine some light on this for me. So recently(approx 4-5 weeks ago) I felt like my mouse wasnt responding correctly, but i tried to ignore it. By the end of this week, I noticed that i had some sort of...
  8. J


    I am aware this cheat has a silent loader, however is this possible to use on LAN because of the HWID? Thank you.
  9. X


    Hello. I just want to know, do I really have to turn ON mouseraw ingame? Is there any trick to play with aimbot + rawmouse off?
  10. cutiecat

    Getting new PC and peripherals really soon.. (1 month or so)

    Hey guys, so yeah I'm getting a new computer and all that good stuff bc mine right now is pretty bad. When I first bought LC i ran into a problem where my mouse would freak out when raw input was turned off, I literally tried everything. It was not LCS fault, i know that but it was kinda...
  11. Sliddqvist

    There will be time for regret later :D

    Replaced my 24" monitor with a 42" TV. It still has my full hd resolution, so stuff still looks sharp and nice... and also fucking big. Sitting at the usual distance it feels like I'm in a cinema. I'm going to try CS:GO with that setup :D Mouse literally swims...