1. Q

    shortcut must be on destkop?

    hello i have one answer guys. I want to inject lc on lan tournament. I have shortcut - this shortcut must be on desktop? or can i put this to the same folder with cheat?? Why on all guides(lan inject guides), you tell to give shortcut on desktop??
  2. Q

    silent inject

    hi, I was looking at the forum and could not find... I have a question whether in "non league multihack" is something like silent inject? I want use non league multi on big lan. I want to get more info about this silent inject(if you have something like that), before I buy software here. For...
  3. I

    Lan cheating csgo

    Hey, if u were going to lan, not byoc, is there anyway to cheat? For example on smartlaunch (used at internet cafes). U csn bring own mouse and all gear, and to stick in USB and do whatever u want on pc is fine no one looks. But the thibg is there is no admin access to files or whatsoever. Is...
  4. Jon18

    Can you inject into faceit client

    I know you can inject into esea, but I assume faceit is different? I don't mind being banned.
  5. N


    Hello, I will go to a LAN party at a big internet cafe in 20 hours and I want to use this cheat but how should I do it? Do I need to put it into a usb? How do I inject/will it auto-inject? Is it safe to use on LAN? Should I have multi-league or non-multi league? Also will the activation be done...
  6. ernestlim05

    FaceIT AC

    So does the FaceIT ac detect leaguecheats?
  7. M

    Faceit AC client

    Are these cheats detected by the Faceit Anti-cheat client? I'm interested in buying cheats that are undetected by the Faceit Anti-cheat client.
  8. Z

    ESEA type of question.

    Now i got this friend that asked me to play ESEA with him and if i turn him down he might think i'm hiding something so let's say i delete the cheats off pc and download ESEA client would i get vacced? like are there traces (i had the hacks on my C drive/only drive i got) (and i did inject...
  9. rover200vi

    I have this shit faceit account

    I have this useless Facit account and I don't care if it get banned or not. I have to use the FaceIT Client and so I can not us my own cheat anymore on that account so. I wonder if I buy LeagueCheats will the cheat still inject or will it be blocked by the client? Because I don't care if I get...
  10. L

    cheat only works in full screen windowed mode

    is there a way around this?
  11. wolfie.416

    Questions B4 Buying LC

    hello, I am a new customer here at LC. I am going to buy this cheat, but before that I have a few questions to ask... I would like to know after I buy your CS:GO multi-cheat, how is it that it's going to be setup. Does the cheat have some type of GUI? Or does the cheat have a Cloud Setting...
  12. Vod

    G'day, Who's used on LAN?

    Going to an invite LAN soon. Anyone used LC within 2016 at lan? Was originally thinking about using cra0vision, but the aimbot flicks(locks) like a motherfucker with 1 fov and 1 speed. EDIT: G'day everyone, new member. Hope to be around if this is really all out to be as it says to be. :)
  13. U

    Three questions before buying

    Hello, I´m interested to buy leaguecheat but need to know few things in advance. 1. When You buy the cheat and get the email to download it, is it just download - inject and play or do I have to change settings on my computer and turn of saftey programs etc? 2. When you buy it it says to...