1. Defiant

    Post your PC setup.

    I know we've got a pc spec thread but how about actual pictures of our setups?
  2. xans

    Help with Colors

    Heyo friends, I made a new logo for myself to use here at the forums, and need some opinions on which one you guys think are prettier: Red: Blue:
  3. Get_Right

    Faze DreamTeam and niko best player?

    i dont think so DansGame who pick faze for 3-0 in pick challenge??? i fucked NotLikeThis
  4. Get_Right

    headset help

    i bought mouse with 400 dpi (for use with lc is better for me) and now i need help with headsets (im from brazil so.. good ones is very expensive) help me with those. 1 - Headset Gamer Corsair Raptor HS40 CA-9011122-NA 2 - Headset Gamer Razer Kraken Essencial 3 - Headphone JBL Bluetooth...
  5. Get_Right

    lc is god

    "i hate lc... those aimbot is pain in the ass to configure" - MM player when u finally understood how lc works enjoy
  6. S

    Thanks Bluehole :)

    Glad that these crates came out for PUBG bought a bunch of the invitational crates and sold them to buy CSGO keys and actually made a good amount of profit. Wish I had more crates because the price went up even more for the crates.
  7. JackBaits

    How to boost FPS?

    Hey, so all these years I've been playing CS:GO, I've been stuck at ~50-150 fps and that can fluctuate hard depending on the map (Obviously) and there are times where just random lag spikes happen which most of the time gets me killed. I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on how to...
  8. M

    Legit 52 kills MM

    Nobody said that I used cheats :p
  9. Hantoszi55

    Leaguecheats Wallpapers and some Graphics

    Hello! I got denied for Graphic Recruitment so I want to share with you my work. I hope you enjoy! wixSanic LC's Logo (too big for <img>) LC's Dragon Lore Video Thumbnail
  10. JoeySalads

    Classic Non-Prime MM

    So I was playing non-prime against a couple sinners when this happened. Thats what he gets for using vacware. LC too strong. http://steamcommunity/id/emuhleet64/
  11. NiikisNiik

    Last chance!

    Hey all! Im about to start the editing for the next promo video! If you have demos you want in it! Please send them to me via PM!
  12. hahalolwtfbro

    Remember to link your account to receive VIP access?

    What does this mean? What account do I have to link, and where do I do it? I tried to search for some answers but couldn't find any :S So please help. Thanks
  13. cutiecat

    New pc!

    final results
  14. $nowii

    ez with lc!

  15. $nowii

    ez retake server with lc

  16. Koon

    Made Them Rage

    Made Them Rage :D. Ignore the gold nova 1 part, had to rank up this account. Everytime i tried to make this a image it denied it BibleThump
  17. Stroudy

    "Semi-Pro" MissRage gets raged

    Jumped into a FaceIT game... only happened to come across that fit bird, that streams and is "semi-pro" at CS, unsure if shes still in a CS team or what... but as you know... the games must go on... Damn...but wait theres moreeeee -pun intended- Her, boyfriend I presume? started piping up...
  18. Serpius

    Post Your Computer Specs Here!

    This is a fun thread! Post your computer specs! Please DO NOT judge other computer builds! There will be a time and place for that! This thread is NOT for criticizing other people's computers. If you have a specific computer build that you need assistance with, PLEASE create a new thread for...
  19. M

    First FACEIT match with LC

    GE GE