1. M


    Hello. As the title says , does this xtrike version have chams option avilable?
  2. H

    Boys and girls

    Yo ma boys and girls, I just made this topic to say hello to you all. I hope you had a good february. I'll be around for a while, maybe I'll even make a comeback to CS(long time CS 1.6 player) and subscribe to your hack. The main reason why I'm here though is I'm hoping you'll soon release rust...
  3. S

    esea uninstall?

    Hello guys! Do I have to uninstall esea client even if i just cheat on faceit? or will i get banned on esea even if im not playing on it?
  4. R

    Quick testimonial

    Hello Quick testimonial. Cheat didnt worked for me just once when i clicked something weird and then it crashed again. I've got a lot of help for it but still didnt worked on my pc. I didnt get any refund.
  5. B


    Hello Community, i know there are alot of the same threads as mine now, but i got one important question. is the Multihack actually ESL WIRE UNDEDECTED?
  6. R

    Hello Have some questions

    Hello in the League cheat ( that support on CEVO etc) you have Perfect Silent Aim? (if some one spectate on me he want see that i aimbot\ can i twich with the cheats?like the viewers wont see the ESP or the aimbot?) And after i buy the cheats its automatic? or i need wait that you will make...
  7. D

    Questions Regarding GO:League

    Hello, cheat looks promising, tried a lot of p2c, private slots on d3 ect, how powerful is this aimbot exactly, can it be both one taps and spraydowns? RCS: Is this standalone? Or is it with the aimbot so only works when Aim key is toggled. Will be looking to buy around xmas time but just had...
  8. rez

    A few questions...

    Hello, I've been browsing for some new cheats for the past week. I have two questions about the multi cheat. 1) What is the auto bunny hop like? I'm thinking of making bhop frag movies and I would like to know if the bhop is consistent and smooth 2) Installation? In a previous cheat I used...