1. HGCrotmg

    Hello guys, new here :)

    Hello everyone, My name is Harry. I'm an aspiring MMA fighter and video game enthusiast from England. I pretty much only play CS:GO, currently at DMG. The highest rank I received was Supreme but I really don't have the time to practise as much as I used to. I'm new to cheating and after doing a...
  2. B

    Faceit server sided or AC

    Hello guys !! I'm recent user of LC and i have a question about Faceit If i played on faceit server sided with LC on my account, and after i want to play on a competition who need AC client but without LC . Can i be ban from faceit ? My LC is installed on USB drive so i can removed it when i...
  3. M


    Hello. As the title says , does this xtrike version have chams option avilable?
  4. L

    tabsen using LC

    https://clips.twitch.tv/TallLitigiousSandwichYee lol my eagle = tabsen
  5. H

    Boys and girls

    Yo ma boys and girls, I just made this topic to say hello to you all. I hope you had a good february. I'll be around for a while, maybe I'll even make a comeback to CS(long time CS 1.6 player) and subscribe to your hack. The main reason why I'm here though is I'm hoping you'll soon release rust...
  6. pippofranco

    Hi guys!

    Hello everyone! I bought LC this morning and im waiting the email from the admins for the activation. Im very excited to be part of this community. Enjoy and good games! Pippo
  7. S

    esea uninstall?

    Hello guys! Do I have to uninstall esea client even if i just cheat on faceit? or will i get banned on esea even if im not playing on it?
  8. B

    just bought cheat looking for players to play with

    hello im supreme rank or we can play faceit 1300 elo.. im swedish. anyone wanna play?
  9. Rehhhhh

    Introduce myself.

    Hello all. Just thought i would introduce myself. I look forward to becoming a valuable member of the community. I'm LEM and want to start playing league. <3 <3
  10. R

    Quick testimonial

    Hello Quick testimonial. Cheat didnt worked for me just once when i clicked something weird and then it crashed again. I've got a lot of help for it but still didnt worked on my pc. I didnt get any refund.
  11. B


    Hello Community, i know there are alot of the same threads as mine now, but i got one important question. is the Multihack actually ESL WIRE UNDEDECTED?
  12. R

    Hello Have some questions

    Hello in the League cheat ( that support on CEVO etc) you have Perfect Silent Aim? (if some one spectate on me he want see that i aimbot\ can i twich with the cheats?like the viewers wont see the ESP or the aimbot?) And after i buy the cheats its automatic? or i need wait that you will make...
  13. D

    Questions Regarding GO:League

    Hello, cheat looks promising, tried a lot of p2c, private slots on d3 ect, how powerful is this aimbot exactly, can it be both one taps and spraydowns? RCS: Is this standalone? Or is it with the aimbot so only works when Aim key is toggled. Will be looking to buy around xmas time but just had...
  14. rez

    A few questions...

    Hello, I've been browsing for some new cheats for the past week. I have two questions about the multi cheat. 1) What is the auto bunny hop like? I'm thinking of making bhop frag movies and I would like to know if the bhop is consistent and smooth 2) Installation? In a previous cheat I used...