1. prtj88

    1 month testimony using the Private GC.

    Hello, I found a more convenient time to talk about using my PRIVATE LC. I am using the private LC of the GC, for 1 month and a few days, without any ban, its injection is different and undetectable, on the very legitimate settings, is currently safe aimbot, without using visuals, but I get a...
  2. pcstekje

    First month

    first of all happy new year already to the community :) Lets start, for me cheating is new i never used something on csgo playing from 1.6 already but for some reason i wanted to give this a try and you now what this is amazing ! CONFIGURATION 10/10 At the beginning this was like chinees for...
  3. cutiecat

    First few days OF LC

    Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick review to LC and to all the people thinking of purchasing it. I first bought LC but I couldn't use it for that month due to problems, (THE PROBLEM WAS NOT WITH LC) I recently resubbed and I played with my settings it took me roughly 30 - 40 mins to find a...
  4. Jimster480

    Happy New year's!

    Happy New Year's to everyone wishing everybody a great 2017! Sent from my HTC 10 on Sprint
  5. Aqqure

    Virus1x Config Testing

    so i bought advanced setup and played some games and decided to make video with them :) PIxel esp toggle used for fast info/clutch situations All games were played with Full premade friends :9 Aimbot on awp sometimes bugged and inhuman flicked to a person it wasnt supposed to flick to but...
  6. elwin1000

    Faceit with League again :D

    Hello! Today i was played some faceit with my <3 LC Friend. These are the results: #1 http://screenshot.sh/ofj4ah8I4APzR #2 http://screenshot.sh/owpfmSIKxrMEj #3 http://screenshot.sh/mFdqAvvBiX0NZ #4 http://screenshot.sh/mMzUWs207w59J (IDK what i' doing here, My mom can made higher score...