1. Dawnyy


  2. D

    About to buy

    Couple of questions before I buy. I've used other terrible cheats before and this seems like the best cheat out. I have been banned just recently on my main account so I was wondering if LC is safe to use on a main account atm or should i just use it on a smurf. Also if I just ended up buying...
  3. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats 3.0 is finally here! (New Update 6/2/18)

    Hey all, So as many of you know I have been working on LC3.0 for quite a long time now. Well.... the wait is finally over... Post the VAC wave a few weeks ago and all this mess with VacNet I have been working to secure the cheats for the future. Only time will tell if I have made all the right...
  4. D

    General questions about the cheat.

    Hello guys. I'm assuming I`m gonna get to play with LC today , w8ting for jimster to look at the id. So I`m bored waiting , I said to go see some testimonials. I went through quite a lot of them, picked them randomly. 50% of them stated that they couldn't configure it, and it took hours before...
  5. JackBaits

    How to boost FPS?

    Hey, so all these years I've been playing CS:GO, I've been stuck at ~50-150 fps and that can fluctuate hard depending on the map (Obviously) and there are times where just random lag spikes happen which most of the time gets me killed. I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on how to...
  6. cottazzor

    Fps drop near smoke

    Okey so my problem is: When I'm near a smoke my fps drops from 250+ to 70, when I go inside the smoke it's 250+ but when im at the edge watching the smoke it's 70fps and it's really unplayable and annoying af... Someone know fix?... I have low on all video settings.
  7. F

    i want to buy LC and then LC 3.0

    guys i want to buy LC please guide me from where should i buy and i can pay thru BTC so i can use that and after that i can able to buy 3.0 cna someone guide me please ? thanks.
  8. S


    Hello, I wanted to let me know in advance about the status of the hack (League Version). What's the Status for Wire, FaceIT and EAC (Aimbot + Visuals)?
  9. deniskaon

    Frag Movie - Пользователей LeagueCheats .

  10. M

    Non league Multi cs go

    Hello, i have just bought it, few questions after acces, on forum could i find all settup for playing?(configs) Non league multi- where it works? only mm, or faceit also?