1. Zoichooey

    Potentional Fortnite hack

    With Epic Games spending $100 million towards tournaments in Fortnite there competitive scene will grow a lot the coming years. Are there any plans on making a cheat for Fortnite?
  2. ernestlim05

    FaceIT AC

    So does the FaceIT ac detect leaguecheats?
  3. C

    WH or Sonar

    but I personally don't like wall hacks I like sonar because it's like a beeping in your ear and closer the target is the louder or faster the beeping gets and I like that you still have to use your skill to find the person but because of wh I mean you're honestly going to look at somebody...
  4. wowow23

    EAC estimated time?

    around what month do you guys think EAC support will be released? (jan, feb, march, stuff, etc) atm im saving money up for whenever that is so i can resub >:DDD
  5. Vod

    G'day, Who's used on LAN?

    Going to an invite LAN soon. Anyone used LC within 2016 at lan? Was originally thinking about using cra0vision, but the aimbot flicks(locks) like a motherfucker with 1 fov and 1 speed. EDIT: G'day everyone, new member. Hope to be around if this is really all out to be as it says to be. :)
  6. S

    easy anticheat is UD

    Im going to play on eac ... This cheat is safe on eac?
  7. Noname009

    Just want some info

    Hello everyone, today I discovered this site, and if the cheat really works on the league as FaceIt - Cevo - ESEA, soon become one of your major buyers! Hahah. I am going to explain my situation before I used the cheat of another well-known website that guaranteed that on FaceIt was not banned...