1. R

    Few Questions

    Hey, I was looking into some CSGO Cheats for leagues and came across this and was wondering on a few questions. 1. When was the last detection? 2. Can you use LegueCheats on Facit Client? 3. Is there a limit to the userbase or is fully open/public? 4. Can it be used in Fullscreen? 5. What is...
  2. M

    Question CEVO Cheating

    If i buy the ESP and Wallhack ONLY Cheat Options $25 edition can i cheat on cevo with the anticheat running ?
  3. adsadsads

    FaceIT Client AC

    hi there, i know guys i saw many threads with same subject but still i buy cheats first time so i wanna be sure its all safe and good. can you tell me please LC works for Faceit Client AC for today? i just need some ESP/WH not gonna use aim/triger and etc thx bois for help
  4. toker

    Non-League version faceit

    is the Non-League version ESP/wallhack undetected on faceit? and does the league version support faceit to? what settings works on faceit?
  5. S

    I might buy

    Hello I am a current customer of pl*tin*mcheats it is a really good cheat but I want to try leaguecheats. Is it true that there is a lot of bugs and to use in fullscreen do I need to trun anything off or on
  6. Giraffe1337

    Fullscreen and multicore rendering?

    I already bought the cheat, just waiting for Jimster to do his thing :) But i remember last time i was there, you couldn't have the game in fullscreen and had to disable multicore rendering, just wondering is that still a thing? o.O
  7. Giraffe1337

    Fullscreen lan and cyka blyat

    1.) cyka blyat 2.) cyka blyat 3.) Does the hack work in fullscreen i remember there being some issues are these still present since I'm going lan in 1month and i would love to play in fullscreen, if the issues still are there is there a workaround? If yes could you post it here (Now) since i...